My understanding regarding  Al-Masjid Al-Haram is an actual physical place or location in the city of Makkah in Arab, but some enemy of Islam try to mislead others by their confused theory in order to established their Jews shrine in Jerusalem. And  to understand this topic, one need to observe all quoted verses.


The Musjidil-Haram, is a name of an Area / Mosque where the KABA [house of Allah ] is stationed /established within. And that Area/Mosque is in the main centre of the town called BAKKAH. And the town Bakkah(central area of a main local town) which itself was within the Greater City of MAKKAH (surround area /all local towns).And the MAKKAH is/was the MAIN City of the Arabia.


Since the term [masjid-al-haram] is a noun / name  of location, therefore no accurate or exact meaning of the word can be found. But by pondering on some of them verses will give clues & attributes.


[2:144] this verse several term such [MASJID] Indicate location/place/surface / Prostration / Worship /Mosque. The term [AL-HARAAM ] mean Sanction/forbidden. The term [QIBLATAN] This specific word relate to Masajid and have been appear twice in the Quran where them verse talk about the Masjid therefore it is link to the Salah.


The Quran also mention the word [Qibla] which mean direction but the term [SHATRA] also link to Salah and it only appear where the verse taking about Masjid (Salah ). However the word [shatra] generally translate as Front /Toward /Direction. And since the verse command wherever we are, that simply mean whenever we stand for Salah we should use that as a Qibla only (specific sacred Mosque/Shatra/direction)


[2:149 /50] has the term [Kharazta =Come Out/ Separate] this term indicate that it is something which someone can come out from it such location. The Term [Fawalli = Turn /Return back] and the word [Wajhah =Face] both of them term indicate our face should be TURN toward specific location [on Salah only].


[2:191] it has the term [Inda = Near] which be something that someone can get near to it


[2:196 Hadiri=Attended ] This also require a place or location to be attended


[2:217 Waikhrajuh = driving out] and the term [ ahlihi = its people] on the same verse indicate that It must be a location were someone can drive out someone from.


[5:2 Saddukum= ban/stopped] and the term [ani=from] both of this also prove it is a location so one can BAN others


[9:19 Wa imarata=Caring /Maintenance ] gain it imposible to mantance if it not a place or object


[9:28 Yaqarabu =let them not come near] this to prove it is a location so one can prohibit other to enter [17:01 Min =from & ila =to] This verse clearly inform FROM [Masjid Haraam] TO [Masjid Aqsa]. How is this possible if it is NOT a location.


[22:55 latadkhulunaa = You will Enter] This verse also indicate a Place/Location to be ENTER into




If we ponder on them term of them verse below we will find the clue of the specific location of the Sacred Mosque within Makkah.  [26:195 BILISANIN-ARABIYYIN= in language Arabic] Several other verse also prove the Quran was in Arabic inspired /revealed to prophet Muhammad [41:44 AJAMIYYUN= Foreign] By that verse we know for fact that it was send to Arab [but the message for entire mankind]. And other verses indicate that every nation /community had Prophet /Messenger. Therefore it is not rocket science to understand that prophet Mohammed was an Arabian whom live in Arabia on the CITY of MAKKAH.




[3:96AWWALU =First /Ancient/Before /Begin/front ] Someone may think because of the term [first] it could be indicating to the so-called Masjid Aqsa [Jews shrine] in Jerusalem. If that was the case then what can we say about 6:163 Where prophet claim he was the first Muslim when we know there was so many Muslim before him ?.The term [BAKKAH =Is a name of the Qariya= TOWN. And this word [Qariya] specify it is a [inner/central area] of a town where the actual KABA/HOUSE is established. Which within the greater city of MAKKAH.


[48:24 MAKKAH= Name of the Balad= CITY ] This term Balad indicate it is a CITY which contain all [outer /inner] all small/big town within it boundary. And on verse [95 :3 BALAD =CITY & AL-AMINI=The Trustworthy /Secure] we also see the term [5:21 AL-ARDA= The land ] and the term Al Muqadasata mean Holy /Sacred,This indicate the land become holy because of the kabah, The verse [43:31 AL-QARYATAYNI= Tow Towns ] which mean them towns was the part of the grater city MAKKAH has two main big towns of leaders.


The term [BIBATANI =Within/Belly/Womb] which also indicate it has several small town nearby. Also verse [48:27Ar-RUYA =The Vision/Dream] this indicate the messenger was prevented to entire the grand Mosque .does any history ever record Muhammed (P) was ever prevent to enter the Jerusalem?




[5:02 BAYTI AL HARAAM=House The Sanction/forbidden] This above term is also a noun of a house of Allah which also called KABAH [5:95/97 KABATA / KABATI = KABAH /(Joints/Cube Shape] The verse [2:25 BAYTIYA=MY House]

Allah is declaring this Kabah is HIS House [5:97 JAALA = Made & QIYAMAN=Established]


Allah has made & establish the Kabah which is a Sacred house for mankind [106:1/4 QURAYSHIN=Quraish family title] and term [FALYA BUDU= So Worship] the term [RABBA-HADHA BYATI= Lord of this House] This indicate mankind should worship the LORD of this HOUSE but not the House itself and the QURAISH as family title normally orginate/found in Makaah


[14:37 BAYTIKA =YOUR HOUSE] This Dowa of a prophet also confirm it is the house of Allah[22 26 LILTTAIFINA =Circumambulator / WAL-QAIMINA =And those who STAND/ WAL-RUKA’I = And those who BOW / Al-SUJUDI = those who prostrate which describe the main performance [SALAH & TAWAF] which get carried out on that sacred MOSQUE


[22:29 AL-ATIQI [the] Ancient]." This again confirm it is the HOUSE of Allah form before [2:158 SHAAIRI=Symbol ]The [Safa & Marwata] both mountain is [among from some] symbol of Allah. This verse also say one can go AROUND both of them mountain which indicate the House KABA should be near to it. The verse


[3:97BAYYINATUN=Clear sigh/ayat & MAQAMU=Position/Post/Station In it are manifest/clear signs/ayat and standing position of Ibrahim (P) also on verse [8:35 MUKAAN & TASDIYATAAN = Whistling & Clapping] This verse indicate people should Do the [Salah] correctly at/near /toward the HOUSE  /Kaba


[14:37 THAMARATI=FRUITS ] Indicate the location will have enough fruits /vegetable/foods. & People will establish [Salah ] toward the HOUSE regularl.


[52:4 ALmaAMOORI=Frequentely visited / Inhabited/life /Populated] ALLAH swear by it, this also prove how importance/Value of the HOUSE for the mankind.


[106:3] inform mankind should NOT worship the HOUSE itself. But worship the LORD of the HOUSE which is ALLAH.


[9:28 MUSHRIKUNA NAJASUN = Polytheists –Unclean] and the believer should NOT allow idol worshiper to go near


[24:36 WAYUDHKARAH= and be mentioned /remembed] This indicate at/in the HOUSE , Allah’s Name to be remembered & glorify in the mornings/afternoons/evenings.


[2:215/ 2:143 TUWALLU=You Turn] Muslim was temporary [discontinue to keep Qibla to the first house KABA] and allowed to pray any direction as they wish as a TEST to see who follow this order [do they worship Allah or the KaBA itself ].


[2:142 say Fools don’t understand the wisdom of the TEST so they ask why changing the Qibla [away from the great sacred Mosque] and the verse


[2:144] indicate the Messenger has some feeling/ thought regarding returning back to the original Qibla which he is missing. Then the MOST merciful Allah allows it to happen by ending the TEST.


[ 2:145 Allah give the conclusion of the TEST that messenger will not follow their Qibla neither the rejecter will follow messenger Qibla among the rejecter they will not follow each other Qibla and this is why we see so many manmade holy place on earth.




The Quran 22:25

To those who have rejected, and would keep back from the Way of Allah, and from the Sacred Mosque, which We have made to men - equal is the dweller there and the visitor from the country - and any whose purpose therein is profanity or wrong-doing - them will We cause to taste of a most Grievous Penalty


The Quran 3:96

Verily, the first House appointed for mankind was that at bakkah (Makkah), full of blessing, and a guidance for Al-'Alamin.


The Quran 2:10

In their hearts is a disease; and Allah has increased their disease: And grievous is the penalty they (incur), because they are false (to themselves).




As I understood /  believe  through the Quranic message that,  the KABAH which  located in the Saudi Arabia today  are same KABAH OF ALL TIME.


Unfortunately some article floating on internet- try to confused Muslim with nonsense theory which mainly created by twisting / misinterpreting some word of the Quran.


I also believe some of them culprit has hidden agenda that somehow they like to make their manmade shrine in Jerusalem to be the superior.


Since they are so jealous when they see Al Masjid-Al-Haram  has more visitor & it expanding day by day.


Them kufr don’t know Allah already selected BARAKAH for this place. But they have to be jealous, and that is the disease in their hearts which ALLAH has mention on [2:10].


I strongly believe none of them will be success against Allah. HIS system is established regardless anyone accept or reject it, its make no difference to Allah or His system.


And them culprit will not be able to mislead any true believer. Except the ONE whom Allah don’t want to guide, therefore that person will get confused and fall into every trap of SATAN. May Allah guides us All, 

[Allah knows best].