For  me the Hajj is explained in detail by Allah. I am not interested to know or to do anything which my Allah did not mention in HIS Book, therefore kissing the black stone or stunning at pillar of Satan or believing the Zamzam water as holly water or wearing two sheet of cloth as Ihram.


Allah has mention timing of Hajj is well-known and I should perfume the Hajj within mention consecutive four forbidden months, The month of Ramadan is the first month according to my understanding, reason is that this is the only month [name ] mention in Quran and I am sure that has reason to it. Therefore to me simply the month of Ramadan and next following 3 month is when I can perform the Hajj.




The Quran 2:196

And complete the hajj [visit to kaba] and the umra [lifetime] for Allah

And if you prevented then (offer) whatever obtained with ease of gift

And (do) not shave your head until the gift reaches it destination

Then whoever is among you ill or hurt from his head  then a ransom of/from fasting or charity or sacrifice Then when you safe/well then whoever take advantage of umrah [life ] to Hajj [vist] then (offer) whatever of gift  But whoever not find then fast three days in hajj [visit] and seven when return this ten days in all That’s for whom not his family present the masjid the haraam And fear Allah and know that Allah (is) severe(in) retribution



[Please note it is not translation of any verses ]


[ 2:125 & 3:96-97] The First HOUSE is in Bakkah / Mukkah which is full of blessing and of guidance for all , In it are signs manifest the Station of Abraham, I will  attains peace & security if I go Hajj[visit] when I can afford the journey providing I have enough  livestock


[ 22:27-28] But [if I don’t bother to fulfil my duty or disbelieve the importance of  the hajj] Allah is NOT in need of any disbeliever.


[2:189] The MOON should be used for timing of Hajj


[9:36]The number of months in the sight of Allah is twelve (in a year) out of them FOUR are sacred.


[2:197] Hajj months are well known. If I make the intention and make it FARD [obligatory] onto ME to do the Hajj [the Hajj is a general obligatory once in life time. Therefore when I think I am capable, ready , & have all necessary  requirement then when I decide to do it, this make it FULL obligatory on ME and this is why the verse say “liman faradh”] . But once I undertakes that duty I should keep away from obscenity nor wickedness, wrangling in the Hajj[visit]. I should prepare well and the best thing among the preparation “Right Conduct & fear of [love sincerity to]Allah.


[22:26] I can travel to[Hajj] by usinig any vehicle [Land Sea Air].


[5:1] Must not kill/hunt anything while in Ihraam [while in the HAJJ visist]


[5:2] Must not violate [1] any rites of Allah[2]The Sacred Month[3]The gift [animals brought for sacrifice][4] The garlands [that mark out such animals][5]The people resorting to the Sacred House seeking of the bounty, and good pleasure of their Lord.[6] Help each other on righteousness but NOT in sin [7] fear Allah: for Allah is strict in punishment.


[5:95] if kill/hunt any animal then, need to give compensation as an offering equivalent to the one that killed, or feed the poor person or fast equivalent to it and seek forgiveness to Allah.


[ 22:36/37] The sacrificial camels/cattle are among the symbol of Allah, so I must pronounce Allah’s name at the time of slaughter. I can eat from it and need to feed others regardless they are poor or NOT, I must remember that NO MEAT nor their blood that reaches Allah: it is my piety that reaches HIM.


[5:96] it is forbidden to pursuit of land-game while in ihram[hajj-visit]


[22:26] The Act I need to do in the [hajj] is compass round the Kabah[no fix thawaf but at-least ONE], & do salah by [Standing bowing  & prostrating ] to Allah in the direction to Kabah.  


[2:158] In the Hajj[visit] nothing wrong going round or compass [Safa & Marwah] since it also symbol of Allah 


[2:196] the  Hajj[visit] in a LIFETIME for Allah ALONE. if prevented then give whatever easy as an offering, and never to shave heads until the offering reaches the place. if I become ILL or hurt in the head [ or cannot complete any duty while in Hajj ]then compensation either fast, or feed the poor, or offer a sacrifice.

And if  I decide to take the advantage of LIFE [umra] by redoing the Hajj[visit ] what I failed to do before, then I must make an offering what I can  afford, if I cant afford any GIFT then I must fast for three days during the Hajj[visit] and seven days on return to home /safety.


[2:198] NO Crime for me to seek bounty or celebrate the Praises of Allah on ARAFAT [Mount/field], or in any Sacred Monument


[2:199] Then I need to go away [from on place/ progress/ move on to next act] wherever other people go away and ask Allah forgiveness [to accept what I have just done/complete ]


[2:200] once I accomplish all duty I must celebrate the praises of Allah sincerely & ask to give good on BOTH life.


[2:201] Allah given me option to leave within two days if I wish, but I must continue praise Allah during them Days as much as possible. Also there is no fault if I wish to  stay longer if I have good intention and to praise Allah alone.




The system of Allah is easy to obey as Allah mention, therefore the Hajj is also very easy if someone simply follow the guidance of Allah. But if someone follow another man theory or understanding then it is nothing but another complicated issue.


However whenever I  deicide to do HAJJ for sake of Allah only and if for any reason I cannot then I must give compensation as mention above. Then if everything get better then I need to do it again by taking the advantage of my life span [UMRA] and I can do the Hajj within mention FOUR months. Neither I need any special clothing I simply wear whatever I am normally wearing. I can use whatever transport to get their. On the way it is best for me to mount on Arafat pray to Allah then I can enter to the Majid- e- Haram either entrance as other people entering. And no sin if I go around the Safa & Marwa then I need to THAWAAF[circling]the Kaabah then pray Salah [standing bowing & prostrating ] I MUST abstain from [Hunting, Fighting, Sexual intercourse , Misconduct Arguments &  must cut hair until gift] while on the hajj[visit]till complete. From time of intention to till it complete [Finish] if I have a problem for any reason whatsoever, then I must offer a gift [sacrifice animal] I cannot even give any gift, then I MUST fast for 3 days while in the Hajj[visit] and 7 days after return to home.




I believe Hajj is meaning “The Visit” and the UMRA is meaning “life time” it is not   TWO different duty as other think . But everyone has their right to believe as they wish. and we all are accountable to Allah for our own action.  Whatever other do [thinking its duty/recommended by Allah ] in the HAJJ is not my problem. The VERSE below explain it nicely [Allah knows best]


The Quran 8:35

Their Salat (prayer) at the House (of Allah, i.e. the Ka'bah at Makkah) was nothing but whistling and Clapping of hands. Therefore taste the punishment because you used to disbelieve.