The scientist come up with an idea of self-reference test, which carried over by taking consideration of the "use" and the "mention" of words. When you "use" a word, it is the meaning of the word that is implied. When you "mention" a word, you are talking about the word and not its meaning. Since the Quran talks about numerous things & sometimes use repeating word . if the Quran authored by a human, then someone can defiantly, find such logical errors of self reference in the book. However only three example has given here. Since the Quran itself is a miracle of the miracles. Therefore human will discover new things from the Quran as thire knowledge improve.


Do they not consider the Quran with care. If it had been from anyone other then Allah (God) it would contain kathirun (many) Ikhtelaafun (contradictions) Quran 4:82 Since on the above verse Allah(God) use Kathirun (many) and Ikhteelafun (contradiction). So the word many denotes more then one. Therefore to pass this specific test the Quran have to have no more the one word of Ikhteelafun. Thanks Allah(God) Ikhteelafun (contradictions)," is just mentioned ONCE in the whole Quran in this particular verse. Not many (Kathirun) times, but only once. Indeed the author of the Quran, Allah (God) is aware of self-reference.


The likness of Jesus with Allah is as the likeness of Adam. He created him from dust and said to him,’’ Be, and he was Quran3:59

The main purpose of these verse from Allah (God) was to clarified Jesus being born without a father is like Adam’s creation. However, since the verse mention and used the word (same) for both prophets (Isa and Adam). Therefore Allah (God) kept both name of them prophets mention equally 25 times each. Also in the same order of succession. The verse that mentions that they are like each other is the seventh time he word "Jesus" is mentioned and the seventh time "Adam" is mentioned. Indeed, the author of the Quran, Allah is aware of self-reference.


The example of him(who forsook our sign)is a the example of the dog. If you attack him he pants with his tongue out if you leave him alone he does the same. Such is the example of the nation which deny our revelation Quran 7:176

In above verse Allah given example / likeness of a dog and the nation who denies God revelation .again Allah kept both word (Dog) and (nation deny our revelation) equally five times mention in the Quran Indeed, the author of the Quran. Indeed the author of the Quran, Allah (God) is aware of self-reference.

(For full detail, see book by Asadi, Muhammad.1992. Quran: A Scientific Analysis. Lahore, Pakistan. and Davies, Paul. 1993. The Mind of God. New York. Touchstone Books)


There is enough miracle in the Quran ,which the mass majority of human being are unaware of it. However the mankind should hold fast to this Divine Book of Allah take it with an open heart as the one and only guide for life. However, the mankind accept it or not, the Quran is the extraordinary book, contain past, present, future historical, scientific fact with also inspirational and true knowledgeable information. To see more miracle of the Quran go to the facts mention below which the Quran talk about, It is impossible anyone to known with the level of knowledge and technology available in 7th century in the Arabia

1) The atmosphere is made up of seven layers?

2) The detail various stages of development of the embryo

3) The universe is "steadily expanding," & the idea of "Big Bang"

4) Each individual's fingertips of human are absolutely unique,

5) The role of one of Pharaoh's most prominent aids, Haman,

6) The word "Pharaoh" was only used from the 14th century B.C.

7) Information about Ubar and Iram's Pillars . & many more…….

The Quran 10:37-38

Or say they: He hath invented it? Say: Then bring a surah like unto it, and call (for help) on all ye can besides Allah, if ye are truthful. Nay, but they denied that, the knowledge whereof they could not compass, and whereof the interpretation (in events) hath not yet come unto them. Even so did those before them deny. Then see what was the consequence for the wrong-doers!

The Quran 6:155

And this is a blessed Scripture which We have revealed. So follow it and ward off (evil), that ye may find