In this section I have listed some of my major belief regarding Islam which clearly contradicts with sectarian label Muslim [Shia, Sunni, Sufi, Quranist, & others] belief. But it is up to the reader to decide / follow whatever they think is correct. Also please note it is only in short. if any subject you wish to understand in detail, then you need to see the page which contain such subject. 

Group [A] contain my belief which simply base on my understanding of Al-Quran & Al-Kitab. I sincerely try to follow it accordingly, regardless what other say or think. Since I am only accountable for my own action

Group [B] contain sectarian label Muslim belief which not just oppose my belief but it also clearly contradict Al-Quran as I understood. Their belief is simply base on their own tradition, practice, hadith books & history.  

Therefore I keep my distance from such contaminated belief system. But I am not against them mention sects or anyone else belief since everyone has right to believe whatever they wish. especially I understood all or  most of the belief are mainly base on unseen faith. However a believer must be careful what he/she believe since it could benefit or damage their life in this world and hereafter. 






1. Allah has no limitation / boundary. Therefore His presence is not fix to specific time / place, neither has any limitation on His attributes or names

2. Islam is the only system which approved by Allah for all time through every prophet, and the message / practice remain same on all time. Allah dose not need to change or abrogate HIS message

3. A person [convert] can be class as believer if s/he sincerely believes on Allah alone, Angel, All Revelation, All prophets, Hereafter & trying to practice good deed. It is not obligatory to declare verbal witness [Shahada] in front anyone. On extra ordinary circumstance, they may make oral declaration such as -“NO god except Allah” and that is enough.

4. All Revelation / Ayah is part of Al-Kitab, which sent down through honourable messenger and Al-Quran is detail explanation of Al-Kitab. Allah never send Ayah on book format [hard copy] nether any prophet made it hard copy it was always memorise and pass on generation to generation And Allah’s revelation don’t have several version neither any verses are missing, The abrogation of Sign / Ayah which referring in Quran is Not indicating to Verse / revelation rather it is indicating to other sign.

5. No distinction between any Prophets. They may have given different power / attribute by Allah according to their need, but we should not honour/ respect one greater then each other.


6. To me “Intercession” means Allah will allow us to intercede for our own self, meaning allowing us to talk for our self when necessary but only by the permission of Allah.


7. I believe no second coming of any prophets including Prophet Isa. All prophets have fulfilled their task and no need to return. Neither am I fan of any comic book story / fairy-tale such as “ONE EYE” creature / Christianity myth such as 666.


8. I believe no punishment in the grave regardless they are believer or none believer. But at the time of death those who are strict enemy of Islam may face some punishment at the time of death as indicated in Al-Quran.

9. To me all prophets have been forgiven [even if they did any small faults] by Allah. Surly none of them was a liar, neither Prophet Ibrahim lie to save his wife or reply un-clearly to trick the King, such story has no base except some hear & say myth


10. To me Islam is only base on Al-Quran & Al-Kitab. Therefore all law of Islam must be proven by Al-Quran and practical evidence should be found on Al-Kitab [within the habit of mankind in general ]




11. It is not obligatory for me to spread Islam, rather it is a task of Allah’s prophets and if it was still necessary then surly Allah would not end prophet-hood with Prophet Muhammad. My duty is to guide /advice my own self and those who under my authority [such as my family] or those who want me to advice them.

12 I do not believe on any superstition such as bad luck due to something or black magic or Jinn exorcism. The Jinn has no ability to interfere with us because they are in different dimension,neither we are able to interfere / contact with them.




13 I Believe Laylat al-Qadr [night of power] is time bond which only related to all prophets. On such night Allah showed some of His SIGN to His prophets. Also it does clearly indicate  Al-Quran was revealed on that night. However according to Quran it was revealed on the month of Ramadan and not just in one specific night  



1. Allah has 99 names /attributes and He is resting on HIS throne


2. Practice of Islam has changed time to time and some Verse has been abrogated or altered time to time.




3. A person [convert] only become a Muslim if they declare Shahada in front of other such as - “There is NO god but Allah and prophet Mohamed is His messenger” along with other declarations [Kalima]. Otherwise they will be class as disbeliever and will go to hell if they don’t convert before their death.


 4. Allah send so-many scripture small and big, four of them was major such as Zabur, Thwrat, Injeel, Quran the core message of it are same but some or most ritual practice are different, Al-Quran was written by the Sahabi [companion] in supervision of prophet Muhammad. Later it was collected and made into a book format it has several version. Also ONE verse is NOT mention in hard copy but the practice of it is valid. [Verse regarding Rajam stoning to death]


 5. The sectarian idolise their prophet excessively. On some occasion they use same attribute / status of Allah toward their prophet. They also believe prophet is NOT dead but live in His grave with bone & flesh


6 Sectarian beli“Intercession” mean their prophet or their Gurus will intercede for them in order to reduce / cancel their punishment


7 Sectarian strongly believe the myth of Christianity- that Prophet Isa / Jesus will return and a leader [ Mahdi] will come restore their religion, position, power and will help them out from all crisis, but they forget they themselves is inventing their own suffering.


 8 Sectarian believe all sinful person will receive heavy punishment in their Grave especially if they are none believers. It will start when they fail to answer any of the 3 questions such as who is their Lord what is their religion and who is their prophet



9. Sectarian believe according to their Hadith conjecture that so many Prophets have committed errors which they will be worried in the Judgement Day such as Prophet Ibrahim had to lie to save is wife from aggressive King


10. Sectarian believe Islam is base on QURAN [as what understood by their scholars] SUNNAH [as what mention in their hadith books] IJMA [as what the companion agreed upon] QIAS [as what agreed by their own scholars] Therefore each sect have their own version of Islam & issue fatwa against each other.




11. Sectarian believes it is their duty to spread Islam otherwise Islam will die off. Therefore they are fulfilling it either by word / advice or by force when possible. Therefore each sect busy spreading their own version of Islam. Which result so many cults within Islam, and each hating / fighting with each other.



12 The sectarian strongly believe on superstition and so many other things such as black magic & Jinn exorcism. And because of that some of their bogus guru able to con them easily.



13 The Sectarian believe it is Night of Destiny and that night Al-Quran was revealed. And its continually repeating in one of the last 10 night of the Ramadan yet they don’t know the accurate night because they believe prophet forget about it [ another lie against prophet] Therefore they need to worship Allah more on them night in order to quick fix their sin and easy gain rewards or have good destiny.



In this section I have listed some of my major belief regarding action / ritual of Islam which clearly contradicts with Sectarian label Muslim mostly with Sunni cults.

Group [A] contain my belief on the practice [good deed ] of Islam And on Group [B] contain the Sectarian[ mostly Sunni] practice of Islam.  However it is up to the reader to decide how wish believe / practice the ritual of Islam.


To me it is only THREE obligatory daily Salah / Prayer such as Fzr , Wusta, Isha. The name & timing of it is clearly mention in the Quran. But if anyone sincerely wish to pray more or believe 5 obligatory prayer then it is up to them. I don't have any problem, neither I have right to issue any fatwa or have ill feeling against them .

2. I also believe all Salah should be practiced individually except the Juma Prayer. Also all salah has only two units and on each unit contain of one time Standing, kneeling, prostration. Some part of Al-Quran need to be recited while standing and praise to Allah must be mention on all position and finishing the Salah by thanking Allah.




3  I believe / practice Siyam / Fast [Fasting from food and avoiding sex] is to observe in Ramadan from dawn to sunset unless not some one well or have some difficult circumstance on such case ransom [feeding needy person by proving normal daily food] or cover the missing days later when possible or it is best to do both.

4 I believe Hajj should be practice once in life time if possible. It can be practice between any times within four mouth starting form Ramadan and it can be done within two days but if one wish to take longer they can . However if anyone unable to complete after intention then they must either sacrifice or observe fasting as mention in the Quran, they also need to observe Hajj on following year or as soon as possible.

5. I believe it is important to give charity [donation to the needy one] at least once a year or whenever get paid but only whatever we can afford easily. And  there is no fix rate such as 2.5 neither it has any base in Al-Quran.



1.Seatrain practice FIVE daily obligatory prayer. They added two extra salah which has no base in Al-Quran, they call it Ars & Magrib. the name & timing of them salah is obtain from their manmade Hadith literature. And they say whoever deny it are out of Islam. 


2. The sectarian has created complicated Salah format which contain so many rule & regulation, by using their hadith books instead of Quran. They believe Al-Quran is incomplete regarding Salah. Therefore each sect uses their own hadith which result so many deferent style of Salah it contradicts each other. To avoid sin they need to pray collectively. And their Salah contains  two, three or four units. They also made so many obligations within Salah because they have over 12000 hadith. Yet there is not even one single hadith which can teach Salah from start to finish. Therefore they ended up with most complex Salah format. Due to that most of their followers [so-called Muslim] are ignoring to practice Salah altogether.



3 The sectarian have created so many rule on Siyam such as how to observe, what break the fasting, who can pay ransom how much the ransom be. Also to them it is double [sixty days] if anyone break fast deliberately. They mainly depended on their hadith books & scholars opinion instead of Al Quran. Due to that each sect have their own version & rules regarding fasting / Siyam.


4 The sectarian created mass volume of rule / regulation in relation to observing the Hajj. They made it so complicated, difficult, and very expensive, due to that so many people are unable to do Hajj and the death tool are very high due to over crowded because they say it is obligatory to complete the Hajj within few days instead of four months which mention in the Quran. They simply give priority to their guru’s opinion or their hadith books instead of Al-Quran.



5.The sectarian believe it is obligatory to give 2.5 of their profit. They have created mass amount of laws regarding this issue, which make people confused they simply put tax on more or less everything. Moreover if anyone study their system they will find so many contradiction and flaw.




(LAST UPDATE  22/3/15)