[For me it is important not to interpret any verse or specific word out of context or contradict with same word in different place of Al-Quran. And try to understand the verses by pondering on it over and over taking consideration of the time it revealed also since the message is universal then it should also adopt easily with present day. Please note it is NOT another so-called TAFSIR but it simply my understanding of the message, which I firmly believe on it. And since it’s only my personal understanding therefore it should not be treated or use as another translation.

I also believe the numbering of the verses is NOT part of AQ but its been inserted on text format quran for easy reference or locate the verses of the chapter / Sura


To understand any verse I need to differentiate which is direct Allah’s word and which is Rosool word but indirect Allah’s word too, since the rasool don’t say anything without Allah’s permission]


The complete Quran must be understood as whole. It cannot be separate by taking   any verse, Sura or any word out of context, otherwise it will simply  fade or fake the original  message of Allah.




1 ACD –Allah communicating directly ( to any of HIS creation or with any of HIS prophets or with  believers or with disbelievers or even with Satan)


2   QR - Qawol - e- Rassol (Which are the word of Jebril Ameen & sometime it could be word of other prophets including prophet Muhammad [s]


3  TB - Time bound   ( Which could only limit to the time frame of any mention prophets including prophet Muhammad or with any nations or circumstance )


4 AGT – Active general Teaching ( which could be used universally or specifically )


5 BHN- Benefited history narration ( history of other prophets or nation which give  lesson, or  advise to us or make us aware of something’s which can be helpful]  


6 CPA - Continuation of previous Ayah / verses (several related verses used to clarify more specifically )


7 AW – Advance Warnings (Hinting or advising believers to be careful and informing the destruction of disbelievers to take heed before too late )


8 GOC- General Obligatory Commandment (which is obligatory for all believers on all time and they must follow it if they wish to save themselves form hellfire)


9 GN – Good News (verse mainly giving good news for it sincere believers)


10 MA – Metaphor Ayat – A verse which using allegory word or sentence something to describe or make understanding of the  message more clearly 

11 LTP-  Related to Prophet - The verse which is mainly  related to the prophets but sometime it also indirectly related to the believers too








1.1 Bismi Allahi alrrahmani alrraheemi


1.1 By the name of Allah, the Compassionate the most Merciful.


( QR /AGA)  This verse was repeated as the first verse of every Sura. Which allow us to know when the new Sura has started. And to me accurate translation of  word “bi” would  be “by” to make more sensible..



1.2 Alhamdu lillahi rabbi alAAalameena


1.2 The gratitude/thanks/praise to Allah, the owner of universe's / everything’s


(QR / CPA /AGT)  Allah doesn’t need to phrase HIMSELF so this is to educate us, so HE expands more of HIS mercy for upon on us.



1.3 Alrrahmani alrraheemi


1.3 The All-Compassionate, the All-Merciful.


(QR /AGT ) Allah’s beautiful attribute reassure the misguidance not to lose hope of forgiveness from Allah]


1.4 Maliki yawmi alddeeni


1.4 The King of the Day of Judgement.


(QR /AW) this message emphasise that  NO one will have any power on that day regardless who they are and only those be able to speck if  permission granted by Allah alone]


1.5 Iyyaka naAAbudu waiyyaka nastaAAeenu


1.5 You alone we worship. You alone we ask for help


(QR /AGT ) this verse teach us to proclaim with action such as  worshiping & seeking help from Allah alone on all circumstance ]


1.6 Ihdina alssirata almustaqeema


1.6 Guide us on the Straight Path.


(QR /AGT ) indicted no one else can guide us to correct path therefore no point

Worshiping anything other then Allah


1.7 Sirata allatheena anAAamta AAalayhim ghayri almaghdoobi AAalayhim wala alddalleena


1.7 Path of those who You have blessed, Not of those who earn your wrath on themselves and not of those who gone astray.


(QR /CPA )It’s informing and teaching what to seek for what to avoid. Yet  its also indicate only Allah can guide us to the blessed path and save us from going astray]




01 [Bismi Allahi alrrahmani alrraheemi ] Alif Lam Mim


01 Alif Lam Mim


[Only Allah knows meaning or purpose of them individual letters]


02 Thalika alkitabu la rayba feehi hudan lilmuttaqeena


02  That The Book no doubt/suspicion in it, a guidance to Allah fearing person.


(QR / AGT) indicating to Al-Kitab which is the entire revelation that send to mankind and  Al- Quran is part of Al-Kitab , since it is the  explanation of Al-Kitab  10:37]


03 Allatheena yuminoona bialghaybi wayuqeemoona alssalata wamimma razaqnahum yunfiqoona


03 Those who believe the unseen/hidden and stand / keep up with the prayers and spend from what We provided them.


[AGT / CPA/ GOC] Three important quality of believes required such as believing on  all unseen mention in Al-Quran and constantly observe the prayer, and spend on all good works such as  supporting own family and helping others who in needs]


04 Waallatheena yuminoona bima onzila ilayka wama onzila min qablika wabialakhirati hum yooqinoona


04 Those who believe in the revelation sent down to you [Muhammad], and in what was sent before you, those who have firm faith in the Hereafter.


(ACD / QR / AGT / CPA/ GOC ) explaining further of unseen belief such as believing on any revelation present or pass is also a kind of  hidden / unseen,  since no one physically seen the revelation,  save just believing the Rasool [messenger] and taking the word as a message of Allah and strongly believing the hereafter which also hidden/unseen]


05 Olaika AAala hudan min rabbihim waolaika humu almuflihoona


05 Those are on a guidance from their Lord and those are the successful


(QR /GN/CPA) indicate the guidance will come for sure form Allah Him self alone, if the believers fulfil their duties as mention above )


06 Inna allatheena kafaroo sawaon AAalayhim aanthartahum am lam tunthirhum la yuminoona


2.6 Indeed those who disbelieve, it makes no difference whether you warn them or not: they will not believe.


(ACD) indicating them disbeliever has damage their self beyond any repair, therefore any advice is useless, they will continue on disbelieving. And  Allah knows that since HE is all knowing]


07 Khatama Allahu AAala quloobihim waAAala samAAihim waAAala absarihim ghishawatun walahum AAathabun AAatheemun


07 Allah has sealed their hearts and hearings, and their vision are covered. They will have great torment.


(ACD) indicate Allah has sealed / barrier on their hearts / ears / eye  they wont  repent and will received the torment and that is because some are made for hell as mention on 7:179. Therefore those of us who manage to repent and correct our self before death, then we should be thankful to Allah that He did not created us for the hell] 


08 Wamina alnnasi man yaqoolu amanna biAllahi wabialyawmi alakhiri wama hum bimumineena


08 Some people say, ‘We believe in Allah and the Last Day,’ when really they do not believe


.[ADC] No one knows except what people have in their hearts. And it exposing the common attitude of a Munafiq / hypocrite .] 



09 YukhadiAAoona Allaha waallatheena amanoo wama yakhdaAAoona illa anfusahum wama yashAAuroona


09 They seek to deceive Allah and the believers but they only deceive themselves, though they do not realize it.


(QR / CPA) sometime or some believers may not be able to see how them [ hypocrite] are unwillingly deceiving themselves, but from outside it may look as though they are ok.  


10 Fee quloobihim maradun fazadahumu Allahu maradan walahum AAathabun aleemun bima kanoo yakthiboona


10 There is a disease in their hearts, to which Allah has added more: agonizing torment awaits them for their persistent lying.


[QR/CPA / MA]when someone try to mock someone by doing something. Yett find its not working as they planed and even when  they try harder and harder with deferent plan yet still not working then its get them more annoyed desperate which lead them to hell.


11 Waitha qeela lahum la tufsidoo fee alardi qaloo innama nahnu muslihoona


11 When it is said to them, ‘Do not cause corruption in the land,’ they say, ‘We are only reformers.


[QR / CPA ] indicate another attitude of hypocrite whom simply good at pretending and lying with the believers and their unable to understand their action will cause more destruction for their own self even though it may seem they are gaining.


12 Ala innahum humu almufsidoona walakin la yashAAuroona


12 Beware indeed they are causing corruption, though they do not realize it


[ADC / QR / CPA] We need to be careful  of them corrupters who is spreading corruption and  unable to understand  it will cause more destruction for their own self even though it may seem they are gaining or doing ok.


13 Waitha qeela lahum aminoo kama amana alnnasu qaloo anuminu kama amana alssufahao ala innahum humu alssufahao walakin la yaAAlamoona


13 When it is said to them, ‘Believe, as the other people believe,’ they say, ‘Should we believe as the fools believed ?’ beware indeed they are the fools, and yet they do not know.


[ADC / CPA] this indicate another common attitude of them hypocrite - which is they always neglect believers or think believers are fools and that is because of their ego yet they are unable to understand how fool they themselves  are.



14 Waitha laqoo allatheena amanoo qaloo amanna waitha khalaw ila shayateenihim qaloo inna maAAakum innama nahnu mustahzioona


14 When they meet the believers, they say, ‘We believe,’ but when they are alone with their evil ones, they say, indeed we are with you; we were only mocking.


[ADC / CPA] This indicate another common attitude of hypocrite – which are, they always say or give false impression to believers or try to mock with believers.



15 Allahu yastahzio bihim wayamudduhum fee tughyanihim yaAAmahoona


15 Allah is mocking them, and leaves them in their transgression, they wander blindly.


[ADC / CPA] This indicate Allah too mocking with them which make them confused and blind to see any truth]



16 Olaika allatheena ishtarawoo alddalalata bialhuda fama rabihat tijaratuhum wama kanoo muhtadeena


16 They chosen error in exchange for guidance, so their trade reaps no profit, and they are not guided.


[ADC / CPA/ MA] This indicates they are destructing their own self yet they are unaware of it.


17Mathaluhum kamathali allathee istawqada naran falamma adaat ma hawlahu thahaba Allahu binoorihim watarakahum fee thulumatin la yubsiroona


17 Their example is like the example of one who kindled the fire then when lighted surrounded him, then Allah took way their light and left them in darkness they see not.


 [ADC / CPA/ MA] This verse indicates they will get deceived and force them to darkness because of their own action which they created with their own hand  


18 Summun bukmun AAumyun fahum la yarjiAAoona


18 deaf, dumb, and blind: they will not return


[ADC / CPA/ MA] This verse indicates they damage their self beyond repairable therefore there is no chance for them to return..


19 Aw kasayyibin mina alssamai feehi thulumatun waraAAdun wabarqun yajAAaloona asabiAAahum fee athanihim mina alssawaAAiqi hathara almawti waAllahu muheetun bialkafireena


19 Or as a rain from the sky, in it (is) darkness’s and thunder and lightning, they put their fingers in their ears from the thunderous noise, fearing the death , and Allah (is the one who ) encompass the disbelievers from all-round .


[ADC/QR / CPA / MA] This verse indicates they trying to hide the truth or reality even they know for sure that their fake action will not able to save them from Allah.


20Yakadu albarqu yakhtafu absarahum kullama adaa lahum mashaw feehi waitha athlama AAalayhim qamoo walaw shaa Allahu lathahaba bisamAAihim waabsarihim inna Allaha AAala kulli shayin qadeerun


20 The lightning almost snatches their eye sights , whenever (it) flash  for them they walked in it, and if (it) darkened on them they stood and if Allah wanted, He would have taken away with their sense of hearing , and their sights/understanding , Indeed Allah (is) on everything All powerful .


[ADC/ QR / CPA / MA] This verse reconfirm that  Allah did not taken their hearing or their sight as mention on verse 18 but if HE wanted then HE could done that easily and no can stop it, since HE has power over everything.


21Ya ayyuha alnnasu oAAbudoo rabbakumu allathee khalaqakum waallatheena min qablikum laAAallakum tattaqoona


21 O mankind! Worship your Lord, who created you and those who were before you, so that you may become righteous.


[ADC/ QR /GOC] This beautiful  verse and its wording are so unique which  cover every generation by simply addressing to the present live person and their  past generation and because of that this message  is Live & active all the time.


22 Allathee jaAAala lakumu alarda firashan waalssamaa binaan waanzala mina alssamai maan faakhraja bihi mina alththamarati rizqan lakum fala tajAAaloo lillahi andadan waantum taAAlamoona


22 The One WHO made the earth a resting place, and the sky a canopy, and  sends down water from the sky, then bought forth therewith fruits as provision for you. So do not set up equals to Allah, while you know.


[ADC/ QR /GOC / CPA ] This  verse indicating and education us  the power of Allah which no one else have same power, therefore we should not idol worship or set partnership with Allah and that we all ready know since no one else can do what mention on that verses..


23 Wain kuntum fee raybin mimma nazzalna AAala AAabdina fatoo bisooratin min mithlihi waodAAoo shuhadaakum min dooni Allahi in kuntum sadiqeena


23 If you have doubts about what We have sent down to Our slave, produce another sura like it, and call your witnesses, besides Allah, if you are telling the truth.


[ADC/ QR ] on this verse  Allah is challenging all who do not believe- to produce a chapter like it if they are truthful. And since there is only one  complete sura before this chapter therefore Allah is most fair so HE just asking us to produce just  One if we disbelieve.


24 Fain lam tafAAaloo walan tafAAaloo faittaqoo alnnara allatee waqooduha alnnasu waalhijaratu oAAiddat lilkafireena


24 But if you cannot, as indeed you cannot, then guard yourselves against the Fire whose fuel is men and rocks, which has been prepared for the disbelievers.


[ADC/ QR /CPA] This verse clearly inform that no one cane make sura like it then they should believe upon it to save their self from hell fire


25 Wabashshiri allatheena amanoo waAAamiloo alssalihati anna lahum jannatin tajree min tahtiha alanharu kullama ruziqoo minha min thamaratin rizqan qaloo hatha allathee ruziqna min qablu waotoo bihi mutashabihan walahum feeha azwajun mutahharatun wahum feeha khalidoona


25 And give good news to those who believe and do good deed that for them will be gardens graced the rivers flow from beneath it. Every time they will be provided a fruit a provision , they will say, ‘We have been given this before,’ because they were provided with something like it. They will have pure spouses and they will stay there forever.


[ QR /CPA] It introduce some facility of heaven and encouraging believers to look forward about it. Also whenever Allah mention about hell or any punishment…  HE also  mention about Heaven & benefit so that mankind  don’t lose hope /faith.



26 Inna Allaha la yastahyee an yadriba mathalan ma baAAoodatan fama fawqaha faamma allatheena amanoo fayaAAlamoona annahu alhaqqu min rabbihim waamma allatheena kafaroo fayaqooloona matha arada Allahu bihatha mathalan yudillu bihi katheeran wayahdee bihi katheeran wama yudillu bihi illa alfasiqeena


26 Indeed Allah is not ashamed to make an example of a mosquito or of an even smaller thing. As for those who have believe, they know it is the truth from their Lord. But as for those who disbelieve, they say, ‘What does Allah mean by this example?’ He misguides many by it and guides many by it. But He only misguides the deviators.


[ QR /CPA] This verse  prove Allah only misguide those who wanted to be misguided beouse of their own lack of knowledge and evil action   


27Allatheena yanqudoona AAahda Allahi min baAAdi meethaqihi wayaqtaAAoona ma amara Allahu bihi an yoosala wayufsidoona fee alardi olaika humu alkhasiroona


27 Those who break Allah’s contract after it has been agreed, and sever what Allah has commanded to be joined, and cause corruption on the earth, they are the losers.


[ QR /CPA] This verse indicate in all time there will be some corrupters creating corruption in earth and ultimately they are the losers


28 Kayfa takfuroona biAllahi wakuntum amwatan faahyakum thumma yumeetukum thumma yuhyeekum thumma ilayhi turjaAAoona


28 How do you disbelieve Allah and you were dead, so He given you life, then He makes you die, then He give you life , then to Him you are being returned.


[ QR /CPA] This verse delivers very strong message in a form of argument, that how can anyone disbelieve in Allah when they have no other alternative and they have to return to HIM regardless they like it or not and nothing or no other gods  can stop it from happening, neither any of them fake gods can give life to dead no matter how powerful they pretends.


29Huwa allathee khalaqa lakum ma fee alardi jameeAAan thumma istawa ila alssamai fasawwahunna sabAAa samawatin wahuwa bikulli shayin AAaleemun


29 He is the one who created for you all what in the earth, then turned to the sky and fashioned them seven heavens And He has knowledge of all things.

[ QR /CPA] This verse indicates Allah has created so many things for us. it also prove the power of Allah which incontestable. And  its indicate that He has knowledge over everything…Therefore we should only take HIM as our only true lord / creator.


30Waith qala rabbuka lilmalaikati innee jaAAilun fee alardi khaleefatan qaloo atajAAalu feeha man yufsidu feeha wayasfiku alddimaa wanahnu nusabbihu bihamdika wanuqaddisu laka qala innee aAAlamu ma la taAAlamoona


30And when your Lord said to the angels, indeed I am making/creating/putting in the earth a caliph/successor/leader ." They said: "Do you make/create/put in it, who corrupts in it and sheds the blood, and we praise/glorify with Your praise and we holiness/sanctity to You." He said: "I know what you do not know.


[ QR /]  This teaches us to take opinion of other even when we have power on something.


31 WaAAallama adama alasmaa kullaha thumma AAaradahum AAala almalaikati faqala anbioonee biasmai haolai in kuntum sadiqeena


31 And He taught Adam the names, all of them, then He displayed/exhibited/showed them on (to) the angels, so He said: "Inform Me with (the) names (of) those, if you were truthful."


[ QR /CPA] This indicate all knowledge human gain are from Allah directly or indirectly.


32 Qaloo subhanaka la AAilma lana illa ma AAallamtana innaka anta alAAaleemu alhakeemu


32 They said: "Your praise/glory , no knowledge to us except what You taught us , indeed You are the knowledgeable, the all wise.


[ QR /CPA] by this narration or simulation between the angel and Allah …it is to  teach us that all knowledge we have is from Allah either directly or indirectly but our knowledge is limited and Allah has the infinite knowledge and power over everything.


33 Qala ya adamu anbihum biasmaihim falamma anbaahum biasmaihim qala alam aqul lakum innee aAAlamu ghayba alssamawati waalardi waaAAlamu ma tubdoona wama kuntum taktumoona

33 He (Allah) said O Adam, inform them with their names." so when he informed them with their names, He (Allah) said: "Did I not say to you, that I know in the skies and in the earth unseen and I know what you show, and what you concealing.

[ACD/ QR /CPA /MA] This indicates Allah has gifted mankind with some extra knowledge which may not have given to other creation, also it info Allah Has the supreme knowledge of everything.  


34 Waith qulna lilmalaikati osjudoo liadama fasajadoo illa ibleesa aba waistakbara wakana mina alkafireena

34 And when We said to the angels: "Prostrate to Adam." So they prostrated except iblis [satan] , he refused and became arrogant, and become a disbelievers.

[ACD/ QR /CPA] the term “Qulna =We” indicate that order probably given via another angel messenger and any order given by messenger is also class as  Allah’s words.. Therefore this term been used here as WE to for more description…However some translator try to say Allah sometime used the word WE as royal principal manner..Anyway this verse does not clearly indicate Iblis on of the  Angel even though it seem or sound like that…And some corrupters do try to use this verse as their proof of their argument regarding ibilis was angel before the disobedience. But I believe simply iblis was present with the group of angel when the order was given since other veres clearly mention iblis was created from smoke and it was from Jinn while the angel is created from Noor and they don’t have ability to refused yet the Jinn has the ability to refused like human. 


35Waqulna ya adamu oskun anta wazawjuka aljannata wakula minha raghadan haythu shituma wala taqraba hathihi alshshajarata fatakoona mina alththalimeena

35 And We said to Adam: "Both you and your spouse live in the Garden, eat freely to wherever you like, but approach not this tree or you will become transgressors.

[ACD/ QR /CPA] This verse indicate Almighty Allah knows what going to happen and therefore HE warn them in advance 



36 Faazallahuma alshshaytanu AAanha faakhrajahuma mimma kana feehi waqulna ihbitoo baAAdukum libaAAdin AAaduwwun walakum fee alardi mustaqarrun wamataAAun ila heenin

36 Then Satan caused them to stumble from it, and he dislodged them from what they were in; and We said, ‘Get down, being enemies of one another! On the earth shall be your abode and sustenance for a period.

[ACD/ QR /CPA] This indicate Satan still can seduce human no what righteous they are it also indicate human will be by nature  enemy of each other and the root cause of any  fighting will be the Satan.


37 Fatalaqqa adamu min rabbihi kalimatin fataba AAalayhi innahu huwa alttawwabu alrraheemu

37Then Adam received some words from his Lord and He accepted his repentance: He is the Ever Relenting, the Most Merciful.

[ACD/ QR /CPA] This indicate prophet Adam [s] received Dua which he recite and gain forgiveness form Allah [swt]


38 Qulna ihbitoo minha jameeAAan faimma yatiyannakum minnee hudan faman tabiAAa hudaya fala khawfun AAalayhim wala hum yahzanoona

38 We said, go down from it all of you, when guidance comes from Me, then who ever follow My guidance there will be no fear for them and nor will they grieve-

[ACD/ QR /CPA] This indicate guidance will continually come from Allah for those who wish to be guided.


39Waallatheena kafaroo wakaththaboo biayatina olaika ashabu alnnari hum feeha khalidoona

39 And those who disbelieve and deny Our messages shall be the inhabitants of the Fire, and there they will remain forever.

[ACD/ QR /CPA] This indicate disbeliever will remain in hell forever.


40Ya banee israeela othkuroo niAAmatiya allatee anAAamtu AAalaykum waawfoo biAAahdee oofi biAAahdikum waiyyaya fairhabooni

40 O children of Israel, remember the favours I blessed on you. So keep your pledge to Me, and I will mine to you, and be fearful of Me,

[ACD/ QR /CPA] The children of Israel has so many  favours such as more prophets ware sent onto that nation and they ware saved from brutal king  pharaoh also they witness so many miracle which help them to believe in Allah easily.


41 Waaminoo bima anzaltu musaddiqan lima maAAakum wala takoonoo awwala kafirin bihi wala tashtaroo biayatee thamanan qaleelan waiyyaya faittaqooni

41 And believe with what I descended, confirming to what  with you, and do not be (the) first to disbelieve it, and do not sell My verses with small price, and  Me alone should fear.

[ACD/ QR /CPA] Those who already know the knowledge regarding the message of Allah should verify it with the quran and should not be the first to disbelieve on it because of small wealth.


42 Wala talbisoo alhaqqa bialbatili wataktumoo alhaqqa waantum taAAlamoona

42And do not mix truth with falsehood, or hide the truth when you know it.

[ACD/ QR /CPA] This prove some of them use to hide the truth .this also indicate such act will continue as I can clearly see its even happening today.


43 Waaqeemoo alssalata waatoo alzzakata wairkaAAoo maAAa alrrakiAAeena

43 And keep up with the prayers and give/bring the charity/purification and bow with the bowing.

[ACD/ QR /CPA / GOC] This indicate bowing / praying  are also observed by the people of the book


44 Atamuroona alnnasa bialbirri watansawna anfusakum waantum tatloona alkitaba afala taAAqiloona

44 Do you order the people to do right and you forget yourselves, and while you reading The Book , do you not have sense ?

[ACD/ QR /CPA] Indicate the people of the book don’t do good deed  by their self yet   order other to do.



45 WaistaAAeenoo bialssabri waalssalati wainnaha lakabeeratun illa AAala alkhashiAAeena

45 And seek support with the patience and the prayers and that it truly is a great/burden (E) except on the humble .

[ACD/ QR /CPA / GOC] Seeking help, patient and  praying indeed  hard to  except for those who  are humble


46 Allatheena yathunnoona annahum mulaqoo rabbihim waannahum ilayhi rajiAAoona

46 Those who think that they are meeting their lord and that they are to Him returning.

[ACD/ QR /CPA ] This also indicate believing the meeting of Allah will help to obtain the patient or be easy to continue with prayer


47 Ya banee israeela othkuroo niAAmatiya allatee anAAamtu AAalaykum waannee faddaltukum AAala alAAalameena

47 O Children of Israel, remember My blessing which I bestowed upon you, and that I gave you an advantage over all the nations/ world

[ACD/ QR /TB ] This advantage could be indicating that they have more prophets therefore they had more chance to be in right tract compare with other nations


48 Waittaqoo yawman la tajzee nafsun AAan nafsin shayan wala yuqbalu minha shafaAAatun wala yukhathu minha AAadlun wala hum yunsaroona

48 And fear of the Day where no soul can avail another soul, nor will any intercession be accepted from it, nor will any ransom be taken, nor will they have supporters.

[ACD/ QR /CPA ] This indicate no one can help no one neither no one will punish behalf of anyone this prove not even any prophets can intercede without Allah permission. 


49 Waith najjaynakum min ali firAAawna yasoomoonakum sooa alAAathabi yuthabbihoona abnaakum wayastahyoona nisaakum wafee thalikum balaon min rabbikum AAatheemun

49 And We saved you from the people of Pharaoh; they were punishing you with severe retribution, killing your children, and leaving your women. In that was a great trial from your Lord.

[ACD/ QR/CPA /TB ] This narrating how Allah save them from the hardship therefore HE deserver to praise /thanks which also indicate that they are not doing it therefore Allah had to remind them their past  


50 Waith faraqna bikumu albahra faanjaynakum waaghraqna ala firAAawna waantum tanthuroona

50 And when We parted the sea for you and rescued you, and drowned the people of Pharaoh while you watched.

[ACD/ QR/CPA /TB/ BHN ] Here also Allah  continuing  remind themof HIS favour



51 Waith waAAadna moosa arbaAAeena laylatan thumma ittakhathtumu alAAijla min baAAdihi waantum thalimoona

51 And when We promised Moses forty nights, then you took the calf from after him, and you are unjust/oppressive.

[ACD/ QR/CPA /TB /BHN ]  its indicate how the quickly go back to their old habit of idol worship


52 Thumma AAafawna AAankum min baAAdi thalika laAAallakum tashkuroona

52 Then We forgave on you from after that, maybe you thank/be grateful.

[ACD/ QR/CPA /TB .BHN]  its indicate Allah still forgive those who wish to forgiven 



53 Waith atayna moosa alkitaba waalfurqana laAAallakum tahtadoona

53 And when We gave Moses The Book and the Separator of Right and Wrong , maybe you (will) be guided.

[ACD/ QR/CPA /TB /BHN]  its indicate Allah’s favouring them with Book which separate right and wrong


54 Waith qala moosa liqawmihi ya qawmi innakum thalamtum anfusakum biittikhathikumu alAAijla fatooboo ila bariikum faoqtuloo anfusakum thalikum khayrun lakum AAinda bariikum fataba AAalaykum innahu huwa alttawwabu alrraheemu

54 And when Moses said to his nation: "O my nation, you have wronged yourselves by worshipping the calf, so repent to your creator , so fight/kill yourselves, that is best for you at your creator ." So, He forgave on you, that He is the forgiver , the most merciful .

[ACD/ QR/CPA /TB/ BHN]This indicate prophet Musa’s people has tendency of idol worshiping So  Allah informing them to repent and  Kill such mentality in order to get Allah’s forgiveness and surly He will forgive them since He is the Most merciful.


55Waith qultum ya moosa lan numina laka hatta nara Allaha jahratan faakhathatkumu alssaAAiqatu waantum tanthuroona

55 And when you said: "Moses, we will never believe to you until we see Allah openly , So the lightning bolt took you while you were still staring.

[ACD/ QR/CPA /TB// BHN ]this verse divide into two portion first portion containing the word of prophet Musa peoples and then last portion is Allah informing them that they will not be able to see HIM 



56Thumma baAAathnakum min baAAdi mawtikum laAAallakum tashkuroona

56 Then We revived you after your death, so that you might be thankful.

[ACD/ QR/CPA /AGT ] this indicate Allah give them life again and educate  them to be thankful ]


57 Wathallalna AAalaykumu alghamama waanzalna AAalaykumu almanna waalssalwa kuloo min tayyibati ma razaqnakum wama thalamoona walakin kanoo anfusahum yathlimoona

57 And made the cloud spread shade over you, and sent for you manna and quails that you may eat of the good things We have made for you. No harm was done to Us, they only harmed themselves.

[ACD/ QR/CPA /BHN] this indicate they are harming their own self by their own action which does not effect to Allah at all.



58 Waith qulna odkhuloo hathihi alqaryata fakuloo minha haythu shitum raghadan waodkhuloo albaba sujjadan waqooloo hittatun naghfir lakum khatayakum wasanazeedu almuhsineena

58 And We said: "Enter this town, and eat from it as plentifully as you wish; and enter the gate while prostrating, and Say: "Our load is removed", We will then forgive your mistakes, and We will increase for the good doers.

[ACD/ QR/CPA /BHN] this indicate another  test for the people of Musa.


59 Fabaddala allatheena thalamoo qawlan ghayra allathee qeela lahum faanzalna AAala allatheena thalamoo rijzan mina alssamai bima kanoo yafsuqoona

59 But the wrongdoers substituted a different word from the one they had been given. So, because they persistently disobeyed, We sent a plague down from the heavens upon the wrongdoers.

[ACD/ QR/CPA /BHN] this indicate they have habit of changing Allah’s word so they got punished



60 Waithi istasqa moosa liqawmihi faqulna idrib biAAasaka alhajara fainfajarat minhu ithnata AAashrata AAaynan qad AAalima kullu onasin mashrabahum kuloo waishraboo min rizqi Allahi wala taAAthaw fee alardi mufsideena

60 Remember when Moses prayed for water for his people and We said to him, ‘Strike the rock with your staff.’ Twelve springs gushed out, and each group knew its drinking place. ‘Eat and drink the sustenance Allah has provided and do not cause corruption in the land.’

[ACD/ QR/CPA /BHN] This indicate them group may have some issue in between each other that’s why Allah give them individual water resource. 



61 Waith qultum ya moosa lan nasbira AAala taAAamin wahidin faodAAu lana rabbaka yukhrij lana mimma tunbitu alardu min baqliha waqiththaiha wafoomiha waAAadasiha wabasaliha qala atastabdiloona allathee huwa adna biallathee huwa khayrun ihbitoo misran fainna lakum ma saaltum waduribat AAalayhimu alththillatu waalmaskanatu wabaoo bighadabin mina Allahi thalika biannahum kanoo yakfuroona biayati Allahi wayaqtuloona alnnabiyyeena bighayri alhaqqi thalika bima AAasaw wakanoo yaAAtadoona

61And you said: "O Moses, we will not be patient to one type of food, so call for us your Lord that He may bring forth what the Earth grows of its beans, cucumbers, garlic, lentils, and onions." He said: "Would you trade that which is lowly with that which is good" Descend to Egypt, you will have in it what you have asked for. They were thus stricken with humiliation and disgrace, and they remained under Allah's wrath for they were disbelieving in Allah's signs, and killing the prophets with no justification; this is for what they have disobeyed and transgressed.


[ACD/ QR/CPA /BHN] This indicate people of prophet Musa had habit of impatient and because of such habit they ignored Allah’s signs and deserve the humiliation they also killed many prophets/ prophesy [by not following it]    


62 Inna allatheena amanoo waallatheena hadoo waalnnasara waalssabieena man amana biAllahi waalyawmi alakhiri waAAamila salihan falahum ajruhum AAinda rabbihim wala khawfun AAalayhim wala hum yahzanoona

62 Surely those who believe, and those who are Jewish, and the Nazarenes, and the Sabiens; any one of them who believes in Allah and the Last Day, and does good work, they will have their reward with their Lord, with no fear over them, nor will they grieve.

[ACD/ QR/AGT] This indicate no mater whatever sect anyone  belong as long as they believe in Allah and Last day and do good act they will have no grieve



63 Waith akhathna meethaqakum warafaAAna fawqakumu alttoora khuthoo ma ataynakum biquwwatin waothkuroo ma feehi laAAallakum tattaqoona

63 And We took your covenant, and raised the mount above you: "Take what We have given you with strength, and remember what is in it that you may be righteous."

[ACD/ QR/AGT/ BHN] This reconfirm about the covenant took from children of Israel also when it says it rise the mount it could be metaphor meaning keeping it as witness so that they can  hold the message that  given in more firmly  


64Thumma tawallaytum min baAAdi thalika falawla fadlu Allahi AAalaykum warahmatuhu lakuntum mina alkhasireena

64 Then you turned away from after that, so where it not for Allah's grace/favour on you, and His mercy , you would have been from the losers

[ACD/ QR/AGT/ BHN/CPA] This even they did not keep up with their promise but still Allah gave the more chance and favours   


65 Walaqad AAalimtumu allatheena iAAtadaw minkum fee alssabti faqulna lahum koonoo qiradatan khasieena

65 And certainly you know those of you who violated the Sabbath, whereupon We said to them, ‘Be you spurned apes.’

[ACD/ QR/AGT/ BHN/CPA] This indicate they ware punished and made apes because of disobeying 


66 FajaAAalnaha nakalan lima bayna yadayha wama khalfaha wamawAAithatan lilmuttaqeena

66 So We made it severe punishment for what (is) between its hands and what (is) behind it, and (an) warning, to the fearing one.

[ACD/ QR/AGT/ BHN/CPA] This indicate lesson for everyone and a wearing for those who fear Allah, 


67 Waith qala moosa liqawmihi inna Allaha yamurukum an tathbahoo baqaratan qaloo atattakhithuna huzuwan qala aAAoothu biAllahi an akoona mina aljahileena

67And when Moses said to his nation: "Allah command you that you slaughter a cow." They said: "Do you take us mockingly ?" He said: "I seek protection by Allah  that I being ignorant.

[ACD/ QR/AGT/ BHN/CPA] This indicate another test or lesson was given to the prophet Musa nation it also indicate Prophet Musa was unhappy about his nation response.


68 Qaloo odAAu lana rabbaka yubayyin lana ma hiya qala innahu yaqoolu innaha baqaratun la faridun wala bikrun AAawanun bayna thalika faifAAaloo ma tumaroona

68 They said, ‘Ask your Lord to make it clear to us what it should be like.’ He said, ‘He says it should be a cow, not old or virgin, but somewhere between the two. So do as you have been told.’

[ACD/ QR/AGT/ BHN/CPA] This info how much prophet Musa nation use to question and make things harder because of their narrow minded action.


69 Qaloo odAAu lana rabbaka yubayyin lana ma lawnuha qala innahu yaqoolu innaha baqaratun safrao faqiAAun lawnuha tasurru alnnathireena

69 They said, ‘Call on your Lord for us, to show us what colour it should be.’ he said indeed He says it should be a bright yellow cow, pleasing to the eye.’

[ACD/ QR/AGT/ BHN/CPA] This further info how they got in problem by asking to many unnecessary questions which only make their job harder. 


70 Qaloo odAAu lana rabbaka yubayyin lana ma hiya inna albaqara tashabaha AAalayna wainna in shaa Allahu lamuhtadoona

70 They said, ‘call your Lord for us, that He may clarify for us what she may be. Indeed all cows are much alike to us, and, if Allah wishes, we will surely be guided.’

[ACD/ QR/AGT/ BHN/CPA] This further info how they creating more  problem or complication to find such cow.


71 Qala innahu yaqoolu innaha baqaratun la thaloolun tutheeru alarda wala tasqee alhartha musallamatun la shiyata feeha qaloo alana jita bialhaqqi fathabahooha wama kadoo yafAAaloona

71 He said, ‘He says it should be a cow not trained to plough or irrigate the fields – completely sound, without a blemish on it.’ They said, ‘Now you have brought the truth.’ So they sacrificed it – but they almost failed to do so.

[QR/AGT/ BHN/CPA] This further info that they complicated thing so much that they are  nearly fail to meet the condition.


72 Waith qataltum nafsan faiddaratum feeha waAllahu mukhrijun ma kuntum taktumoona

72 And when you killed a soul, and accused one another about it —and Allah was to expose whatever you were concealing

[QR/AGT/ BHN/CPA] This indicate Allah has exposed their secrete of the murder 


73Faqulna idriboohu bibaAAdiha kathalika yuhyee Allahu almawta wayureekum ayatihi laAAallakum taAAqiloona

73We said, ‘Hit him with part of it!’ In that way Allah gives life to the dead and He shows you His Signs so that hopefully you will understand.

[QR/AGT/ BHN/CPA] This indicating another miracle of prophet Musa


74 Thumma qasat quloobukum min baAAdi thalika fahiya kaalhijarati aw ashaddu qaswatan wainna mina alhijarati lama yatafajjaru minhu alanharu wainna minha lama yashshaqqaqu fayakhruju minhu almao wainna minha lama yahbitu min khashyati Allahi wama Allahu bighafilin AAamma taAAmaloona

74 Then your hearts became hardened after that, so they were like rocks or even harder still. There are some rocks from which rivers gush out, and others which split open and water pours out, and others which crash down from fear of Allah. Allah is not unaware of what you do.

[QR/AGT/ BHN/CPA] This indicating even they sow the miracle yet their heart become harder and they still refuge the truth


75 AfatatmaAAoona an yuminoo lakum waqad kana fareequn minhum yasmaAAoona kalama Allahi thumma yuharrifoonahu min baAAdi ma AAaqaloohu wahum yaAAlamoona

75Do you really hope they will follow / believe you when a group of them heard Allah’s Word and then, after grasping it, knowingly distorted it ?

[QR/AGT/ BHN/CPA] This further indicate some of them don’t just disbelieve but distort Allah’s word too


76 Waitha laqoo allatheena amanoo qaloo amanna waitha khala baAAduhum ila baAAdin qaloo atuhaddithoonahum bima fataha Allahu AAalaykum liyuhajjookum bihi AAinda rabbikum afala taAAqiloona

76 And when they  meet believers, they Say: "We believe!", and when they are alone with each other they Say: "Why do you inform them about what Allah has said to us Then they would use it in argument against us at your Lord. Do you not understand"

[QR/AGT/ BHN/CPA] This proof they argue each other and try to hide truth as habit


77 Awala yaAAlamoona anna Allaha yaAAlamu ma yusirroona wama yuAAlinoona

77 Do they not know that Allah knows what they keep secret and what they make public?

[QR/AGT/ BHN/CPA] This indicate -  Allah propagating through the prophet, to notify then that it is NO use to hide since Allah knows everything and HE will expose them by His prophet


78 Waminhum ommiyyoona la yaAAlamoona alkitaba illa amaniyya wain hum illa yathunnoona

78 Among them are the illiterate folk who do not know anything about the Book except fancies from hearsay, and merely follow their conjectures.

[QR/AGT/ BHN/CPA] This indicate -  most of them follow conjecture and if we find that even on today’s so-called Muslim are doing the same thing


79 Fawaylun lillatheena yaktuboona alkitaba biaydeehim thumma yaqooloona hatha min AAindi Allahi liyashtaroo bihi thamanan qaleelan fawaylun lahum mimma katabat aydeehim wawaylun lahum mimma yaksiboona

79 So woe to those who write something down with their own hands and then claim, ‘This is from Allah,’ in order to make some small gain. Woe to them for what their hands have written! Woe to them for all that they have earned

[QR/AGT/ BHN/CPA] This indicate – they  write and claim its  from Allah and not only them, even today’s  so-called Muslim are doing samething with  Hadith books


80Waqaloo lan tamassana alnnaru illa ayyaman maAAdoodatan qul attakhathtum AAinda Allahi AAahdan falan yukhlifa Allahu AAahdahu am taqooloona AAala Allahi ma la taAAlamoona

80 They say, ‘The Fire will only touch us for a number of days.’ Say, ‘Have you made a contract with Allah – then Allah will not break His contract – or are you rather saying about Allah what you do not know?’

[QR/AGT/ BHN/CPA] This indicate they are confiden

81Bala man kasaba sayyiatan waahatat bihi khateeatuhu faolaika ashabu alnnari hum feeha khalidoona

81 Certainly whoever commits misdeeds and is besieged by his iniquity —such shall be the inmates of the Fire, and they shall remain in it

[QR/AGT/ BHN/CPA GOC] This indicate regardless who they are if they commit such action they will send to hell fire


82 Waallatheena amanoo waAAamiloo alssalihati olaika ashabu aljannati hum feeha khalidoona

82 And those who have faith and do righteous deeds, —they shall be the inhabitants of paradise; they shall remain in it [forever].

[QR/AGT/ BHN/CPA GOC] This indicates the reassurance for believers to be in paradise if they meet the condition. Another thing to note whenever Allah mention hellfire HE also mention the good news of the paradise  


83 Waith akhathna meethaqa banee israeela la taAAbudoona illa Allaha wabialwalidayni ihsanan wathee alqurba waalyatama waalmasakeeni waqooloo lilnnasi husnan waaqeemoo alssalata waatoo alzzakata thumma tawallaytum illa qaleelan minkum waantum muAAridoona

83 And when We took a pledge from the Children of Israel: ‘Worship no one but Allah, do good to parents, relatives, orphans, and the needy, and speak kindly to people, and maintain the prayer, and give Zakāt,’ you turned away, except a few of you, and you were disregardful.

[QR/AGT/ BHN/CPA GOC] This indicates majority of the people of the book use to disobey the obligatory deed save only few


84 Waith akhathna meethaqakum la tasfikoona dimaakum wala tukhrijoona anfusakum min diyarikum thumma aqrartum waantum tashhadoona

84 And when We made a covenant with you not to shed your blood and not to expel one another from your homes, you agreed and were all witnesses.

[QR/AGT/ BHN/CPA GOC] This indicates the covenant was  broken even after agreeing to it



85 Thumma antum haolai taqtuloona anfusakum watukhrijoona fareeqan minkum min diyarihim tathaharoona AAalayhim bialithmi waalAAudwani wain yatookum osara tufadoohum wahuwa muharramun AAalaykum ikhrajuhum afatuminoona bibaAAdi alkitabi watakfuroona bibaAAdin fama jazao man yafAAalu thalika minkum illa khizyun fee alhayati alddunya wayawma alqiyamati yuraddoona ila ashaddi alAAathabi wama Allahu bighafilin AAamma taAAmaloona

85 Then there you were, killing your folks and expelling a part of your folks from their homes, backing one another against them in sin and aggression! And if they came to you as captives, you would ransom them, though their expulsion itself was forbidden you. What! Do you believe in part of the Book and defy another part? So what is the requital of those of you who do that except disgrace in the life of this world? And on the Day of Resurrection, they shall be consigned to the severest punishment. And Allah is not oblivious of what you do.

[QR/AGT/ BHN/CPA GOC] If we ponder seriously then we see this still happening today either by them or even by the so-called Muslim who called them self as Jihadi


86 Olaika allatheena ishtarawoo alhayata alddunya bialakhirati fala yukhaffafu AAanhumu alAAathabu wala hum yunsaroona

86 Those are the people who trade the Next World for this world. The punishment will not be lightened for them. They will not be helped.

[QR/AGT/ BHN/CPA GOC] this reconfirm  that those who enter hellfire will remain there for ever nether their punishment will be reduce


87 Walaqad atayna moosa alkitaba waqaffayna min baAAdihi bialrrusuli waatayna AAeesa ibna maryama albayyinati waayyadnahu biroohi alqudusi afakullama jaakum rasoolun bima la tahwa anfusukumu istakbartum fafareeqan kaththabtum wafareeqan taqtuloona

87 And We gave Musa the Book and sent a succession of Messengers after him. We gave ‘Isa, son of Maryam, the Clear Signs and reinforced him with the Purest Ruh. Why then, whenever a Messenger came to you with something your lower selves did not desire, did you grow arrogant, and deny some of them and murder others?

[QR/AGT/ BHN/GOC] from this verse we know prophet Isa [s] was also supported by RUH al QUDUS, this also prove no one mange to kill prophet ISA as they [ christen / Jews]  claim

88Waqaloo quloobuna ghulfun bal laAAanahumu Allahu bikufrihim faqaleelan ma yuminoona

88They say, ‘Our hearts are wrapped ’ Rather, Allah has cursed them for their kufr. What little iman they have!

[QR/AGT/ GOC] This indicate when someone damage their own soul too much by evil act then Allah cursed their heart which lead them to hellfire eventually


89Walamma jaahum kitabun min AAindi Allahi musaddiqun lima maAAahum wakanoo min qablu yastaftihoona AAala allatheena kafaroo falamma jaahum ma AAarafoo kafaroo bihi falaAAnatu Allahi AAala alkafireena

89When a Book does come to them from Allah, confirming what is with them – even though before that they were praying for victory over the kafirun – yet when what they recognise does come to them, they reject it. Allah’s curse is on the kafirun.

[QR/AGT/ GOC] This indicate some natural habit of all (ahlul Kitab) including today’s Muslim whenever Allah’s Ayah come clear to them they reject it because its gone against their gurus saying or their manmade books



90 Bisama ishtaraw bihi anfusahum an yakfuroo bima anzala Allahu baghyan an yunazzila Allahu min fadlihi AAala man yashao min AAibadihi fabaoo bighadabin AAala ghadabin walilkafireena AAathabun muheenun

90 Evil is that for which they have sold their souls, by defying what Allah has sent down, out of envy, that Allah should bestow His grace on any of His servants that He wishes. Thus they earned wrath upon wrath, and there is a humiliating punishment for the faithless.

[QR/AGT/ GOC] This indicate Allah will select messenger / prophet even someone  may not like that person [prophet] and that is because they sold their soul to Satan and they deserve the punishment for faithless / disbelieve 


91 Waitha qeela lahum aminoo bima anzala Allahu qaloo numinu bima onzila AAalayna wayakfuroona bima waraahu wahuwa alhaqqu musaddiqan lima maAAahum qul falima taqtuloona anbiyaa Allahi min qablu in kuntum mumineena

91 And when they are told, ‘Believe in what Allah has sent down,’ they say, ‘We believe in what was sent down to us,’ and they disbelieve what is besides it, though it is the truth confirming what is with them. Say, ‘Then why would you kill the prophets of Allah formerly, should you be faithful?’

[QR/AGT/ GOC] To me this verse is not talking about physical killing of any  prophets but rather its talking about killing the message.


92 Walaqad jaakum moosa bialbayyinati thumma ittakhathtumu alAAijla min baAAdihi waantum thalimoona

92 And Moses came to you with the clear signs, then you took to yourselves the Calf after him and you were evildoers.

[QR/AGT/ GOC /CPA ] This also indicate some wrong doers will have tendency of idol worshiping even after knowing the truth


93 Waith akhathna meethaqakum warafaAAna fawqakumu alttoora khuthoo ma ataynakum biquwwatin waismaAAoo qaloo samiAAna waAAasayna waoshriboo fee quloobihimu alAAijla bikufrihim qul bisama yamurukum bihi eemanukum in kuntum mumineena

93 And when We took covenant with you and raised the Mount above you , ‘Hold on to what We have given you, and listen!’ They said, ‘We hear, and disobey,’ and their hearts had been imbued with [the love of] the Calf, due to their faithlessness. Say, ‘Evil is that to which your faith prompts you, should you be faithful!’

[QR/AGT/ GOC /CPA ] This  indicate they witness  the message of Allah  even they disobey it and they will not be able to deny in judgement day that they did not received the message


94 Qul in kanat lakumu alddaru alakhiratu AAinda Allahi khalisatan min dooni alnnasi fatamannawoo almawta in kuntum sadiqeena

94 Say, ‘If the abode of the akhira with Allah is for you alone, to the exclusion of all others, then long for death if you are telling the truth.’

[QR/AGT/ GOC /CPA ] This another challenge for them liars


95 Walan yatamannawhu abadan bima qaddamat aydeehim waAllahu AAaleemun bialththalimeena

95 And they will never ever long for it because of what they have done. Allah knows the wrongdoers.

[QR/AGT/ GOC /CPA ] This indicating them disbeliever will not be able proof or have courage take the challenge.



96 Walatajidannahum ahrasa alnnasi AAala hayatin wamina allatheena ashrakoo yawaddu ahaduhum law yuAAammaru alfa sanatin wama huwa bimuzahzihihi mina alAAathabi an yuAAammara waAllahu baseerun bima yaAAmaloona

96 And surly you will find them the people greediest for life, along with the idolaters. Any of them would love to be allowed to live a thousand years. But being allowed to live would not save him from the punishment. Allah sees what they do.

[QR/AGT/ GOC /CPA ] This indicate disbeliever will wish for longer life span


97Qul man kana AAaduwwan lijibreela fainnahu nazzalahu AAala qalbika biithni Allahi musaddiqan lima bayna yadayhi wahudan wabushra lilmumineena

97 Say, ‘Anyone who is the enemy of Jibril should know that it was he who brought it down upon your heart, by Allah’s authority, confirming what came before, and as guidance and good news for the believers .

[QR/AGT/ /CPA ] This indicate some disbeliever may have been  angry or criticizing or doubting  Jibril  existence.



98 Man kana AAaduwwan lillahi wamalaikatihi warusulihi wajibreela wameekala fainna Allaha AAaduwwun lilkafireena

98 Anyone who is the enemy of Allah and of His angels, and of His Messengers and of Jibril and Mika’il, should know that Allah is the enemy of the kafirun [disbelievers]

[QR/AGT/ /CPA ] This just another warning from  Allah and HE want HIS creation to repent.


99 Walaqad anzalna ilayka ayatin bayyinatin wama yakfuru biha illa alfasiqoona

99 And We indeed have sent down to you clear arguments which none but the disobedient reject.

[QR /AGT/ CPA ] This again confirm all message was crystal clear yet they disagree



100Awakullama AAahadoo AAahdan nabathahu fareequn minhum bal aktharuhum la yuminoona

100 And is it that whenever they make a covenant, only a group of them throws it aside? In fact, most of them disbeliever.

[QR /AGT/ CPA ] This again confirm most disobey after accepting it.


101 Walamma jaahum rasoolun min AAindi Allahi musaddiqun lima maAAahum nabatha fareequn mina allatheena ootoo alkitaba kitaba Allahi waraa thuhoorihim kaannahum la yaAAlamoona

101 And when a Messenger comes to them from Allah confirming what is with them, a group of those who have been given the Book disdainfully toss the Book of Allah behind their backs, just as if they did not know.

[QR /AGT/ CPA ] This attitude is happening even right now.  Whenever an Ayat get Clarify, we find  mostly opposed by the one who claim they are the believers



102 WaittabaAAoo ma tatloo alshshayateenu AAala mulki sulaymana wama kafara sulaymanu walakinna alshshayateena kafaroo yuAAallimoona alnnasa alssihra wama onzila AAala almalakayni bibabila haroota wamaroota wama yuAAallimani min ahadin hatta yaqoola innama nahnu fitnatun fala takfur fayataAAallamoona minhuma ma yufarriqoona bihi bayna almari wazawjihi wama hum bidarreena bihi min ahadin illa biithni Allahi wayataAAallamoona ma yadurruhum wala yanfaAAuhum walaqad AAalimoo lamani ishtarahu ma lahu fee alakhirati min khalaqin walabisa ma sharaw bihi anfusahum law kanoo yaAAlamoona

102 And they followed the fabrication that recited by satan on Soliman's kingdom And Soliman did not disbelieve [in Allah]  but the devils disbelieved. They teach people the sorcery and said it was descended on the two kings/angels Harut and Marutat Babylon, and they  do not teach from anyone until they say: "But we are a test , so do not disbelieve". So they claim that they learn from them how to create separation  between husband & wife, [that whole fairytale was lie ] They will not harm anyone except with Allah's permission. And they learn what harms them and does not benefit them, and they have known that [since its total lie] he who purchases such has no place in the Hereafter [since it lead to doubting Allah’s power] . Miserable indeed is what they purchased with their souls if only they knew?

102 [QR /AGT/ CPA ] This verse expose all  falsehood such as  Magic, amulets, ghoul, demon-possession, exorcism, witchcraft, evil eye, fortune telling, astrology, palm reading, clairvoyance, voodoo they are simply nothing but conjecture the cleaver one cheating or stealing the  wealth of the weaker and the weaker one is harming their own self  by not trusting Allah alone.



103 Walaw annahum amanoo waittaqaw lamathoobatun min AAindi Allahi khayrun law kanoo yaAAlamoona

103 And If only they had had iman and shown taqwa! A reward from Allah is better, if they only knew.

[QR /AGT/ CPA ] this indicate the impotent of Iman / belief


104 Ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo la taqooloo raAAina waqooloo onthurna waismaAAoo walilkafireena AAathabun aleemun

104 And believers, do not say [to the Prophet], ‘Raina,’ but say, ‘Unzurna,’ and listen  an agonizing torment awaits those who ignore.

[QR /AGT/ CPA ] this indicate the impotent of Iman / belief



105 Ma yawaddu allatheena kafaroo min ahli alkitabi wala almushrikeena an yunazzala AAalaykum min khayrin min rabbikum waAllahu yakhtassu birahmatihi man yashao waAllahu thoo alfadli alAAatheemi

105 Those of the People of the Book who are kafir / disbeliever and the idolaters do not like anything good to be sent down to you from your Lord. But Allah selects for His mercy whomever He wills. Allah’s favour is truly vast.

[QR /AGT/ CPA ] this indicate the disbeliever are within the people of the Books which include the so-called label Muslim too

106 Ma nansakh min ayatin aw nunsiha nati bikhayrin minha aw mithliha alam taAAlam anna Allaha AAala kulli shayin qadeerun

106 Nothing form  revelations get abrogate or nor cause to be forgotten, but addition something better or similar, do you not know Allah has power over all things.

[QR /AGT/ CPA ] This clearly indicate Allah does not need to change his mind as some label Muslim believe never there is no verse been abrogated but as the time pass nature change and human needs to adopt to it therefore addition guidance was given until end of last prophet Mohammed [s]


107 Alam taAAlam anna Allaha lahu mulku alssamawati waalardi wama lakum min dooni Allahi min waliyyin wala naseerin

107 Do you not know that Allah is He to Whom the kingdom of the heavens and the earth belongs and that, besides Allah, you have no protector and no helper?

[QR /AGT/ CPA ] This indicate and reassure the last verse is that Allah has power over everything therefore we have no real helper


108 Am tureedoona an tasaloo rasoolakum kama suila moosa min qablu waman yatabaddali alkufra bialeemani faqad dalla sawaa alssabeeli

107 Or do you want to question your Messenger as Musa was questioned before? Anyone who exchanges iman for kufr has definitely gone astray from the level way.

[QR /AGT/ CPA ] In indicate  Allah like  us not to question our messenger specialy we have  we devolve a lot since prophet Musa time therefore it will be foolish to question like them people on this era- any it very simple  we either agree  &  believe or reject and disbelieve and when we disagree we damaging our self


109 Wadda katheerun min ahli alkitabi law yaruddoonakum min baAAdi eemanikum kuffaran hasadan min AAindi anfusihim min baAAdi ma tabayyana lahumu alhaqqu faoAAfoo waisfahoo hatta yatiya Allahu biamrihi inna Allaha AAala kulli shayin qadeerun

109 Many of the People of the Book would love it if they could make you revert to being kuffar after you have become muminun / believer, showing their innate envy now that the truth is clear to them. But you should pardon and overlook until Allah gives His command. Truly Allah has power over all things.

[QR /AGT/ CPA ] This indicate prophet what them disbeliever and the prophet should forgive them  wait for next instruction from Allah 


110 Waaqeemoo alssalata waatoo alzzakata wama tuqaddimoo lianfusikum min khayrin tajidoohu AAinda Allahi inna Allaha bima taAAmaloona baseerun

110 Keep up with obligatory prayer and purify wealth by paying. Whatever good you store up for yourselves, you will find it with Allah : He sees everything you do.

110 [QR /AGT/ CPA ] This indicate to conclusion that  a believer should keep with their duty and trust  Allah.



111Waqaloo lan yadkhula aljannata illa man kana hoodan aw nasara tilka amaniyyuhum qul hatoo burhanakum in kuntum sadiqeena

111 And they say: "None shall enter Paradise except Yhood/ Jewish or Nasara / Christen " this is what they wish! Say: "Bring forth your proof if you are truthful."

110 [QR /AGT/ CPA ] This indicate they using false propagation to save their cults


112  Bala man aslama wajhahu lillahi wahuwa muhsinun falahu ajruhu AAinda rabbihi wala khawfun AAalayhim wala hum yahzanoona

112 In fact, any who direct themselves wholly to Allah and do good will have their reward with their Lord: no fear for them, nor will they grieve.

112 [QR /AGT/ CPA ] This indicate how import is to have believe in Allah and do good deed


113 Waqalati alyahoodu laysati alnnasara AAala shayin waqalati alnnasara laysati alyahoodu AAala shayin wahum yatloona alkitaba kathalika qala allatheena la yaAAlamoona mithla qawlihim faAllahu yahkumu baynahum yawma alqiyamati feema kanoo feehi yakhtalifoona

113And the Jews say that the Christians have no basis, and the Christians say that the Jews have no basis. Yet both read the Scripture! This is how people oblivious to true knowledge have always behaved. Allah will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection in what they differ

113 [QR /AGT/ CPA ] Not just them sectarian but more or less  all sectarian  abuse each other. Yet they forget whatever knowledge they have is base  / part of original knowledge of Allah’s revelation.


114Waman athlamu mimman manaAAa masajida Allahi an yuthkara feeha ismuhu wasaAAa fee kharabiha olaika ma kana lahum an yadkhulooha illa khaifeena lahum fee alddunya khizyun walahum fee alakhirati AAathabun AAatheemun

114 And who are more wicked than those who boycott Allah’s Musoqe; so that His name not be mentioned in them; and they seek their destruction They will not be able to enter them except in fear; they will have humiliation in this world and in the Hereafter a painful retribution.

114 [QR /AGT/ CPA ] This indicate some did and will have enmity against the Masjid Al Haram all the time.


115 Walillahi almashriqu waalmaghribu faaynama tuwalloo fathamma wajhu Allahi inna Allaha wasiAAun AAaleemun

115 The East and the West belong to Allah: wherever you turn, there is His Face. Allah is all pervading and all knowing.

115 [QR /AGT/ CPA ] This indicate may be some people was not happy to pray in the  direction which newly order or making too much fuss about it or insisting that Allah is only one direction



116 Waqaloo itakhatha Allahu waladan subhanahu bal lahu ma fee alssamawati waalardi kullun lahu qanitoona

116 And they have asserted, ‘Allah has a child.’ May He be exalted! No! Everything in the heavens and earth belongs to Him, everything devoutly obeys His will.

116  [QR /AGT/ CPA ] This indicate some  was spreading conjecture about Allah



117 BadeeAAu alssamawati waalardi waitha qada amran fainnama yaqoolu lahu kun fayakoonu

117 He is the Originator of the heavens and the earth, and when He decrees something, He says only, ‘Be,’ and it is.

117  [QR /AGT/ CPA ] This indicate everything is bound to Allah’s order / will



118 Waqala allatheena la yaAAlamoona lawla yukallimuna Allahu aw tateena ayatun kathalika qala allatheena min qablihim mithla qawlihim tashabahat quloobuhum qad bayyanna alayati liqawmin yooqinoona

118 And those who do not know say, ‘If only Allah would speak to us, or some sign come to us!’ just like those before them who said the same as they say. Their hearts are much the same. We have made the Signs clear for people who have certainty.

118  [QR /AGT/ CPA ] This indicate all disbeliever has more or less same attitude they want to see Allah before they can believe yet they forget they cant even see their own brain so is this mean they don’t have brain ?


119 Inna arsalnaka bialhaqqi basheeran wanatheeran wala tusalu Aaan ashabi aljaheemi

119 Indeed We have sent you with the truth, as a bearer of good news and as a warner, and you will not be questioned concerning the inmates of hell.

119  [QR /AGT/ CPA ] This re confirm so that we cannot deny in the judgement day.



120 Walan tarda AAanka alyahoodu wala alnnasara hatta tattabiAAa millatahum qul inna huda Allahi huwa alhuda walaini ittabaAAta ahwaahum baAAda allathee jaaka mina alAAilmi ma laka mina Allahi min waliyyin wala naseerin

120 And never will the Jews be pleased with you, nor the Christians, unless you followed their creed. Say, ‘Indeed it is the guidance of Allah which is the [true] guidance.’ And should you follow their desires after the knowledge that has come, you will not have against Allah any guardian nor any helper.

120  [QR /AGT/ CPA ] This indicate, all manmade region will not accept any true believer of Allah except he or she convert to their manmade religion.

 21 Allatheena ataynahumu alkitaba yatloonahu haqqa tilawatihi olaika yuminoona bihi waman yakfur bihi faolaika humu alkhasiroona

121 Those to whom We have given the Book, who recite it in the way it should be recited, such people have iman in it. As for those who reject it, they are the losers.

121  [QR /AGT] This indicate, to


all sectarian including lebel Muslim .


122Ya banee israeela othkuroo niAAmatiya allatee anAAamtu AAalaykum waannee faddaltukum AAala alAAalameena

122 O Children of Israel, remember My blessing which I bestowed upon you, and that I gave you an advantage over all the nations.

122  [QR /TB] This indicate they had advantage [ such as more prophets] on their nation yet still they disobey


123 Waittaqoo yawman la tajzee nafsun AAan nafsin shayan wala yuqbalu minha AAadlun wala tanfaAAuha shafaAAatun wala hum yunsaroona

123 And have fear of a Day when no self will be able to compensate for another in any way, and no ransom will be accepted from it, and no intercession benefit it, and they will not be helped.

123 [QR /AGT] This indicate no help or any kind of intercession will be accepted therefore this strong verse can help believers in many ways such as increase their faith and able to stop them from doing bad deed


124 Waithi ibtala ibraheema rabbuhu bikalimatin faatammahunna qala innee jaAAiluka lilnnasi imaman qala wamin thurriyyatee qala la yanalu AAahdee alththalimeena

124And when Abraham's Lord tested (him) with words, so He completed them, said:  I am making you leader to your people (Ibraheem )said: "And from my descendants?" (Allah ) Said any oppressors will not included in My promise.

124 [ACD / QR/ TB] This indicate most prophets /leaders will be within the nation / offspring of prophet Ibraheem[s] save the unjust one.


125 Waith jaAAalna albayta mathabatan lilnnasi waamnan waittakhithoo min maqami ibraheema musallan waAAahidna ila ibraheema waismaAAeela an tahhira baytiya lilttaifeena waalAAakifeena waalrrukkaAAi alssujoodi

125And when We made the House  a place of return, a sanctuary for mankind, and to take Maqam of Ibrahim [honored station of Abraham] as a place of prayer  [following his example] . We ordered Ibrahim and Isma‘il to build and Purify the House for those who circle it, and those who stay there, and those who bow and who prostrate.’

125 [ACD / QR/ AGT ] This indicate more or less every ritual or good deed action  was related to prophet Ibraheem [s]and we been ordered to follow his examples .and that’s  why another name of ISALM is MILLAT –E- IBRAHEEM


126 Waith qala ibraheemu rabbi ijAAal hatha baladan aminan waorzuq ahlahu mina alththamarati man amana minhum biAllahi waalyawmi alakhiri qala waman kafara faomattiAAuhu qaleelan thumma adtarruhu ila AAathabi alnnari wabisa almaseeru

126 And when Ibrahim said, ‘My Lord, make this a place of safety and provide its inhabitants with fruits – all of them who have iman in Allah and the Last Day,’ He said, ‘I will let anyone who becomes a kafir enjoy himself a little but then I will drive him to the punishment of the Fire. What an evil destination!’

126 [ACD / QR/ AGT CPA ] This indicate surrounding of Kaba will have more food and safety then other  near by town , it also indicate that disbeliever will have more enjoyable life then believers since they don’t have to fulfil the duty of ISLAM 


127 Waith yarfaAAu ibraheemu alqawaAAida mina albayti waismaAAeelu rabbana taqabbal minna innaka anta alssameeAAu alAAaleemu

127 And when Ibrahim built the foundations of the House with Isma‘il: ‘Our Lord, accept this from us! You are the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.

127  [ACD / QR/ AGT CPA ] This indicate the  Kaba was rebuilt by prophet ibraheem and his son


128 Rabbana waijAAalna muslimayni laka wamin thurriyyatina ommatan muslimatan laka waarina manasikana watub AAalayna innaka anta alttawwabu alrraheemu

128 Our Lord, make us both Muslims submitted to You, and our descendants a Muslim community submitted to You. Show us our rites of worship and turn towards us. You are the Ever-Returning, the Most Merciful.

128 [ACD / QR/ AGT CPA ] This indicate -  we should always pray and try to become MUSLIM until we die …not the prevail  notion  that we already Muslim


129 Rabbana waibAAath feehim rasoolan minhum yatloo AAalayhim ayatika wayuAAallimuhumu alkitaba waalhikmata wayuzakkeehim innaka anta alAAazeezu alhakeemu

129 Our Lord, raise up among them a Messenger from them to recite Your Signs to them and teach them the Book and Wisdom and purify them. You are the Almighty, the All-Wise.’

129 [ACD / QR/ AGT CPA ] This indicate – how every nation had their own  messenger from among them, so that they cannot deny that, they did not understand ?


130Waman yarghabu AAan millati ibraheema illa man safiha nafsahu walaqadi istafaynahu fee alddunya wainnahu fee alakhirati lamina alssaliheena

130 And who would reject deliberately religion of Ibrahim except  who is a fool? We chose him in this world and indeed hereafter among the righteous.

130 [ACD / QR/ AGT CPA ] This indicate – the religion / creed of prophet Ibrahim(s) was the Islam which approved by Allah Himself for mankind


131 Ith qala lahu rabbuhu aslim qala aslamtu lirabbi alAAalameena

131 When his Lord said to him, ‘Submit,’ he said, ‘I submit to the Lord of all the worlds.

131 [ACD / QR/ AGT CPA ] This indicate –  prophet Ibrahim(s) had full submission to Allah


132 Wawassa biha ibraheemu baneehi wayaAAqoobu ya baniyya inna Allaha istafa lakumu alddeena fala tamootunna illa waantum muslimoona

132 And Ibrahim directed his sons to this, as did Ya‘qub: ‘My sons! Allah has chosen this deen / System for you, so do not die except as Muslims /in peace

132 [ACD / QR/ AGT CPA ] This again indicate –  the system of Islam was selected by Allah Himself and all of His prophets pass the message to general public as well as to their offspring  


133 Am kuntum shuhadaa ith hadara yaAAqooba almawtu ith qala libaneehi ma taAAbudoona min baAAdee qaloo naAAbudu ilahaka wailaha abaika ibraheema waismaAAeela waishaqa ilahan wahidan wanahnu lahu muslimoona

133 Or were you witness when death came to Ya‘qub and he said to his sons, ‘What will you worship after me  They said, ‘We will worship your God, the same one God of your forefathers, Ibrahim, Isma‘il and Ishaq – We are in peace by submitted to Him.’

133 [ACD / QR/ AGT CPA ] This again indicate –  How prophets re assure their families to follow One Creator [Allah] 

134 Tilka ommatun qad khalat laha ma kasabat walakum ma kasabtum wala tusaloona AAamma kano yaAAmaloona

134 That was a community which has long since passed away. It has what it earned. You have what you have earned. You will not be questioned about what they did.

134 [ACD / QR/ AGT CPA ] This  indicate –no one will be responsible for other people action


135 Waqaloo koonoo hoodan aw nasara tahtadoo qul bal millata ibraheema haneefan wama kana mina almushrikeena

135 They say, ‘Be Jews or Christians and you will be guided.’ Say, ‘Rather adopt the religion of Ibrahim, a man of natural pure belief. He was not one of the idolaters.’

135 [ACD / QR/ AGT CPA ] This  indicate –the jews / christen are close to idolaters


136 Qooloo amanna biAllahi wama onzila ilayna wama onzila ila ibraheema waismaAAeela waishaqa wayaAAqooba waalasbati wama ootiya moosa waAAeesa wama ootiya alnnabiyyoona min rabbihim la nufarriqu bayna ahadin minhum wanahnu lahu muslimoona

136 Say, ‘We believe in Allah and what sent down to us and what sent down to Ibrahim and Isma‘il and Ishaq and Ya‘qub and the Tribes, and what Musa and ‘Isa were given, and what all the Prophets were given by their Lord. We do not differentiate between any of them. We are Muslims [in peace].

136 [ACD / QR/ AGT CPA ] This  indicate –believing / respecting  all and every  prophets equally is important 


137 Fain amanoo bimithli ma amantum bihi faqadi ihtadaw wain tawallaw fainnama hum fee shiqaqin fasayakfeekahumu Allahu wahuwa alssameeAAu alAAaleemu

137 So if their belief same as yours then they are guided. But if they turn away, they are entrenched in hostility. Allah will be enough for you against them. He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing

137 [ACD / QR/ AGT CPA ] This  indicate –Disbeliever has freedom to chose to be guided or not and if they try to be aggressive with  believers then  Allah will help believers 


138 Sibghata Allahi waman ahsanu mina Allahi sibghatan wanahnu lahu AAabidoona

138 The colouring of Allah’[religion] and what colouring could be better than Allah’s? It is Him we worship.

138 [ QR/ AGT CPA ] This  indicate – Believer should adopt whatever possible  attribute of  Allah such as - Kind, Helpful, Peaceful..


139 Qul atuhajjoonana fee Allahi wahuwa rabbuna warabbukum walana aAAmaluna walakum aAAmalukum wanahnu lahu mukhlisoona

139 Say, ‘Do you argue with us about Allah when He is our Lord and your Lord? We have our actions and you have your actions. We act for Him alone.’

139 [ QR/ AGT CPA ] This  indicate – Believer may engage academic debate respectfully  to establishes or agreed on common goal /belief


140 Am taqooloona inna ibraheema waismaAAeela waishaqa wayaAAqooba waalasbata kanoo hoodan aw nasara qul aantum aAAlamu ami Allahu waman athlamu mimman katama shahadatan AAindahu mina Allahi wama Allahu bighafilin AAamma taAAmaloona

140 Or do they say that Ibrahim and Isma‘il and Ishaq and Ya‘qub and the Tribes were Jews or Christians? Say, ‘Do you know better or does Allah?’ Who could do greater wrong than someone who hides the evidence he has been given by Allah? Allah is not unaware of what you do.

140 [ QR/ AGT CPA ] This  indicate – they knew the truth yet the reject it and hide it  


141 Tilka ommatun qad khalat laha ma kasabat walakum ma kasabtum wala tusaloona AAamma kanoo yaAAmaloona

141 That was a community which has passed away. It has what it earned. You have what you earned. You will not ask what they use to do.

141 [QR/ AGT CPA ] This  indicate : Everyone self responsible for their own work


142 Sayaqoolu alssufahao mina alnnasi ma wallahum AAan qiblatihimu allatee kanoo AAalayha qul lillahi almashriqu waalmaghribu yahdee man yashao ila siratin mustaqeemin

142 The fools among them will say, 'What has turned them to alter their  direction of  prayers. "To Allah belong the East and the West; He guides whomsoever He will to a straight path.

142 [QR/ AGT CPA ] This  indicate : when we far away form masjid Al-haram we may pray any direction if we unable to determined it’s direction since Allah is  everywhere  


143 Wakathalika jaAAalnakum ommatan wasatan litakoonoo shuhadaa AAala alnnasi wayakoona alrrasoolu AAalaykum shaheedan wama jaAAalna alqiblata allatee kunta AAalayha illa linaAAlama man yattabiAAu alrrasoola mimman yanqalibu AAala AAaqibayhi wain kanat lakabeeratan illa AAala allatheena hada Allahu wama kana Allahu liyudeeAAa eemanakum inna Allaha bialnnasi laraoofun raheemun

143 And We made you middle community, so you witnesses against mankind and  Messenger as a witness against you. We appointed the direction to test  who follow the Messenger and who don’t. Though it is hard – except for those Allah has guided. Allah would never let your iman /belief  go  waste. Allah is All-Gentle, Most Merciful to mankind.

143 142 [QR/ AGT CPA ] This  indicate : the change of Qibla was a test and was for temporary time, then it relocate back to the Masjid alharam


144 Qad nara taqalluba wajhika fee alssamai falanuwalliyannaka qiblatan tardaha fawalli wajhaka shatra almasjidi alharami wahaythu ma kuntum fawalloo wujoohakum shatrahu wainna allatheena ootoo alkitaba layaAAlamoona annahu alhaqqu min rabbihim wama Allahu bighafilin AAamma yaAAmaloona

144 We have seen you looking up into heaven, turning this way and that, so We will turn you towards a direction which will please you. Turn your face, therefore, towards the Masjid al-Haram. Wherever you all are, turn your faces towards it. Those given the Book know it is the truth from their Lord. Allah is not unaware of what they do.

144[QR/ AGT CPA ] This  indicate , the test is over and original Qibla was restore



145 Walain atayta allatheena ootoo alkitaba bikulli ayatin ma tabiAAoo qiblataka wama anta bitabiAAin qiblatahum wama baAAduhum bitabiAAin qiblata baAAdin walaini ittabaAAta ahwaahum min baAAdi ma jaaka mina alAAilmi innaka ithan lamina alththalimeena

145 And if you come to those who have been given the Scripture with every sign they will not follow your focal point, nor will you follow their focal point, nor will some of them even follow each others focal point. And if you were to follow their desires after the knowledge that has come to you, then you would be one of the wicked.

145[QR/ AGT CPA ] This  indicate , every sect will have their own focal points and belief and no matter what evidence /truth put on front of them they will not change form their blind faith/ belief


146 Allatheena ataynahumu alkitaba yaAArifoonahu kama yaAArifoona abnaahum wainna fareeqan minhum layaktumoona alhaqqa wahum yaAAlamoona

146 Those We have given the Book recognise it as they recognise their own sons. Yet a group of them knowingly conceal the truth. 

145[QR/ AGT CPA ] This  indicate , how they know it  is the book of Allah like they can tell how their own son… yet they don’t obey on it


147 Alhaqqu min rabbika fala takoonanna mina almumtareena

147 The truth is from your Lord, so on no account be among the doubters.

147 [QR/ AGT CPA ] This reconfirm that all truth from Allah