The Sunni don’t hesitate to argue & divide themselves over any small issue. One of the local Sunni mufti saying it is necessary to use earthly pillow when burying, in order to get the dead person facing the Qibla / Kabah. This has upset so many other type of Sunnis who does not follow him, they find its something new and an innovation. Therefore they are trying to arrange a debate to settle this matter once and for all, since they believe any new innovation is misguiding as mention in their Hadith.


[Sunan Abu Dawud, Kitab-us-Sunnah, Book 40 Hadith number 4590]-  Kullu bida'tin daiala: “Every innovation is a misguidance”



Also some of their scholar has even gone further by saying “Bid’ah” could lead to Kufr. [Shaykh Haafiz al-Hukami ] -Making something obligatory that is not obligatory, or making something haraam and halaal which is Not -




As far as my study on Sunni hadith, I never found any Hadith mentioning about pillow, but since this local mufti insisting strongly, then probably he has some proofs. However I think more likely it just another opinion of his scholars, since he mostly value his scholar’s opinion over any hadith.



There is evidence which proves that some Shia community do observe such action as placing pillow under the dead body on burial. Here is what mentions in one of their site..

“After the body has been laid in the lahad the ties at both ends of the kafan should be unfastened and some earth should be put under the cheek of the mayyit. An earthen pillows should be done up under the head to rest it a little above the ground”                                             



There is evidence which proves that some Jewish community do observe such action, as placing pillow under the dead body on burial




There is evidence which also proves that Christen tradition do mention about such action, “placing pillow under the dead body on burial”  Here is what mentions in one of their site..

“There are also some practices, such as the use of pillow-stones and earmuffs,”




It is clear that most sectarian “Shia Jews & Christen” have some kind of custom or tradition about this issue. Therefore this local Sunni mufti is nothing but following other sectarian footstep.


So why is he making this as a big Issue?


If he hasn’t converted to any of them mentions sect, then why is he insisting other to follow them sectarian tradition?


Anyway I personally don’t have any problem with such issue, since I only follow the Book of Allah [al-Quran] . And fortunately in the book of Allah there is no room for any nonsense whatsoever. Therefore to me it does not matter how the dead person get buried or laid in the grave . Don’t forget so many people are died in plane crash or other accident where there is no body founded, then how such ritual can be observed?


In the Quran Allah does not order any obligatory commandment or any set ritual for how to bury the dead, but does indicate on 5:31 about burying the dead and it also talk about grave on several verses. Therefore we should bury our dead for our own good and hygiene. Also the verse 9:84 indicate Prophet Muhammad [s] was ordered not make any prayer or standing next to the grave of none believers. Therefore we can make prayer for our love one and we can stand next to their grave.


Finally as I believe according to Al-Quran there is NO special requirement or any set ritual. Therefore we can simply bury the person as s/he died, but since we still love our love one most even after they dead, then we may give them bath and wear them nice cloth then bury them. And it is wise to make Dua either before or after the burial so that we can seek forgiveness on behalf of them to almighty Allah.


However the sectarian guru’s did manage to made long list of ritual or term & conditions regarding this issue, so that they can get well paid for their advice from their followers or the family of the dead person. [Allah Knows Best]