As I understood it is obligatory on every Muslim to believe in all the Prophets / Messengers which mention in Al-Quran equally, without any discrimination or distinction.


The Quran 2:136

"Say (O Muslims), we believe in Allah and that which is revealed unto us and that which was revealed unto Abraham, and Ishmael, and Isaac, and Jacob, and the tribes, and that which Moses and Jesus received, and that which the Prophets received from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and unto Him we have surrendered."




Every Messenger / Prophets were men of a pure nature and they had great love for humanity. They try to enable mankind to advance spiritually and materially.


All of them received the revelation (the message) from God. And all of them sincerely conveyed every message to the mankind.


I have noted in The Quran, there are some [Prophet/Messenger] has NOT mention as Prophets / Messenger clearly, but I believe / take them as a prophet/Messenger, such as Adam / Shohib/ Saleh (P) and few others.


1. Âdam/Adam (P) 2. Idrîs/Enoch (P) 3. Nûḥ/Noah ((P) 4. Hûd (P) 5. Ṣâliḥ(P) 6. Ibrâhîm/Abraham (P)

7. Lûṭ/Lot (P) 8. Ismâʿîl/ Ishmael (P)

9. Isḥâq/Isaac (P) 10. Yaʿqûb/Jacob (P)

11. Yûsuf/Joseph (P) 12. Shuʿaib (P)

13. Mûsa /Moses (P) 14. Hârun /Aaron (P).

15. Dâwûd/David (P) 16. Sulaymân/Solomon (P)

17. Ayyûb/Job (P) 18. Dhul Kifl (P):

19. Yûnus/Jonah (P) 20. Ilyâs/Elias (P) 21. Al-Yasaʿ/Elisha (P) 22. Zakariyyah/Zechariah (P)

23. Yaḥya/John (P) 24. ʿ Îsâ ibn Maryam/Jesus (P)

25. Muḥammad (P)


But some has been misunderstood about prophet Muhammad [p] and they beyond the limit they nearly give same respect or status  as Allah (SWT) on cretin aspect. Yet those who sincerely believe, and practice book of Allah solely, they don’t have such problem compare to those  who use manmade ideology. Their manmade ideology lead them to glorify prophet Muhammad [P] beyond his character, then it create confusion & contradiction  to the prophet Muhammad that describe by Al-Quran, here are few example.


1) They speak of Prophet Muhammad as (person ) if he's still roaming among us.


2) They say he is created by special NOOR of Allah


3) He is still alive in his grave like a sleeping person


However if one take the book of Allah, as the only source and since it's message is for all-time, then they can easily understand Prophet Muhammad (Not as person but as a message ) is live within the message in all time. Therefore obeying the message is obeying prophet Muhammad and all previous Messenger / Prophets.


The correct understanding of the Quran will wipe-out all confusion/ misconception. Also without believing Muhammad [P] as final and sealed of the Messenger /Prophet, meaning the message is already completed, it will always lead to some confused question such as :-


How can we refer our problems to Muhammad?


How can we obey him, support him and follow him, when he is dead ?


Obeying him does it mean obey manmade hadith / Sunnah ?


How a messenger who is no longer alive can also wage war on transgressors since 2:278 indicate ?


Why Allah did not protect his pervious books if there was any ?


Why other famous book such as VEDEH /GEETA not a book of Allah ?


Some people give definition that MESSENGER are the person who only deliver the message , and the PROPHETS is the person who receive the book of Allah. This type of definition is also same as when sunni say’s, the AL-KITAB mean the Quran and HIKMAH mean SUNNA.


However Al- Kitab [the book written within mankind ] and hikmah/wisdom are two inseparable aspects of the one same thing of the Book of Allah. Allah knows after the time of Prophet Muhammad the BOOK will be well known and commonly memorise and human brain will develop excessively therefore NO REQUIER of any further




There is some people name mention in the Quran whom are not prophet or messenger either. Also there was a time when one prophet was back-up by another messenger( Moosa & Haroon).


Allah has also mention that only HE knows how many Prophets/Messengers that he selected for mankind. Also please note Allah has mention other messengers such as [ Malayka ANGEL].


The messenger and prophet / announcer are two *inseparable* aspects of one same thing, the man who is sent from God with God`s message to humanity to announce it to them.  And the words messenger and prophet are used INTERCHANGEABLY IN WHOLE QURAN (See these verses below)




The Quran 2:285

“The messenger believes in what has been sent dawn to him from His Lord and so do the faithful. They all believe in God and His malai’ka , His books and **His messengers**/rusulihi, we make no distinction among any of His messengers/rusulihi.”


The Quran 2:177

The righteous one is he who believes in God and the last day, and His mala’ika and His books and His **prophets/nabiyyeen**.”

We can see in one verse they believe in messengers and in the other they believe in prophets...


The Quran 2:136

Say: “ We believe in God and that which is sent down to us and what was sent down to Ibrahim and Ismaeel and Ishaq and Yaqoob and the tribes and what was given to Musa and &isa and what was given to the NABIYYOON/prophets from their Lord, we make no distinction among any of them.”


The Quran 2:213

Mankind were one community, and Allah sent (unto them)***prophets*** as bearers of good tidings and as warners, and revealed therewith THE BOOK with the truth that it might judge between mankind concerning that wherein they differed.


The Quran 57:25

We verily sent Our ***messengers*** with clear proofs, and revealed with them THE BOOK and the Balance, that mankind may observe right measure;




[3:144] Allah says: “ wa ma Muhammadun ila rasoolun qad khalat min qablihir rusul”

“Mohamed is but a messenger many messengers have passed away before him…”

We see here Mohammed(P) is called messenger as well as prophet in Quran.


[57 :25 & 2:213] indicate clearly both [Prophets & Messengers] was given the BOOK [also see Q2/285 Q4:69]




So it is crystal clear that human massagers are only mention as prophet too and we do not see any verse say prophet as angel. Therefore them two terms used interchangeably when it indicating to human and it is two inseparable facts of same human messenger. Therefore there is NO room for those who claim that they are messengers of Allah After sealed of the Prophets / Messenger Muhammad (P). And no need to wait for new human messenger to come after him.  [Allah knows best]