I sometime wonder when I see every single person or sect is simply busy to brainwash other and capture or hijack other people belief without testifying or justifying their own belief or faith. Neither they willing to debate their belief which they strongly believe it is the ultimate truth, and because of that they think they have God given rights to spread such ideology.


In order to spread their ideology as the ultimate truth, they have to point finger toward other ideology or pin point faults / flaw of other ideologies.

For example the so-called atheist happily criticise all faith, thinking they are correct and all faith is wrong or people following any faith is wrong yet they unable to understand that their own belief it self another faith regardless they admire / admit it or not, but it is the fact, because believing there is NO God or believing there is GOD is same since both is kind of belief system.


So why does everyone so interested to brainwash others?


It’s mainly related to worldly benefits, wealth and power and that’s why we find all and every religious or political groups individually or collectively propagating or promoting their ideologies and to survive or gain mightiness of their religious faith or political identity they have to do it.


And they validate their propagation either through their manmade faith source [holy books] or through their political manifesto or their so-called manmade welfare system.


All religious sects has invented their own holy books and attribute it toward Allah in order to gain validity, and each sect worship or show high respect toward their own books only, and criticize or find faults on others manmade other books, yet they forget every single books format books is manmade including their own one.


So is Al-Quran not also another holy book?


To me Al-Quran never was a book format book, simply because Allah did not send any of HIS revelation [wahey] as book format, in-fact  it was and is simply a memorise reading, recitation, massage which pass down from generation to generation.


The believers of Al-Quran may have written or printed into book format and given it fancy cover for their own satisfaction. But it is not AQ which Allah promises to protect. Therefore we find different version, interpretation and translation of it. Yet the real massage or the recitation of Al-Quran is recorded within human being and the mankind are following it knowingly or unknowingly or has a habit of it. Here is just few examples, but the list could go on and on…


Al-Quran mention about belief / faith

[Mankind have to believe on something or anything]


Al-Quran mention about killing

[Mankind are killing each other either lawfully or unlawfully]


Al-Quran mention about rituals, religious obligations

[Mankind are doing rituals either according to it or not]


Al-Quran mention about fasting

[Mankind are doing it either form of religious fasting or dieting ]


Al-Quran mention about cloth or dress

[Mankind are wearing either appropriately or not ]


Al-Quran mention about love, respect or sex 

[Mankind are doing it either correctly. incorrectly or shamefully]


Al-Quran mention about law in order and welfare  

[Mankind are doing it either fairly or unfairly]


Basically everything what Al-Quran mention, people are doing it because it is recorded in human system as habit, therefore mankind simply have to do it regardless it’s according to the message of AQ or not, but they just have to do it. And this is what Allah indicated, the entire universe is following its creator laws willingly or unwillingly. 


If everything happening according to Allah’s permission, then why should we get punished for anything ?


To understand or grasp such understanding regarding everything happen with Allah’s  permission, one first need to understand that Allah is not limited to any TIME frame. Allah’s permission does not mean instruction or order. Simply Allah has given the permission for both either to do good or bad because without Allah permission no one can do anything.


Secondly since we have given the ability to choose right or wrong and when we do any bad act which effect others then we deserve the consequences [punishment]. Allah does not want to punish us but we create our own destruction, yet  sometime don’t hesitate to blame Allah for our own created results.




In order survive their own identity, every single cuts or its members are trying hard to say or prove that they are in the truth while others are in falsehood, yet each one of them fail to see their own weakness and flow within their philosophy / theory . And the newest cult “Quranist” are using mostly internet or facebook to spread their corruptions, yet all of them corrupters unwilling to participate any intellectual debate because they know they have problem with their myth.


And for that reason I have  stop joining  any of them FB group pages, but sometime some of my FB friends add me to their groups but I don’t last there loon, in-fact  as soon as I expose their myth  badly feel paranoid and they ban me immediately. Them cults have to exist as Allah mention therefore no matter how badly I expose them they will not alter their position, yet will continue to follow whatever they are following. And according to my experience it is very easy to futile the ideology of  Quranist or atheist cult.


And nearly 99% of them Quranist are none Arab yet pretend they know everything what mention in Al-Quran but in realty they know very little and don't have any clue what Al-Quran is talking about, but they simply relay in manmade other man translation and think that is the Quran.

They forget if anyone retranslate their manmade translation back to Arabic then they will have completely new Arabic Quran or they will find each Arabic Quran don't match with each other another word they will have several version of Al-Quran, Yet instead of pondering to their flaw   
they accuse hadith follower for flowing other source while totally forget they too follow other source which is the other man understanding [translation] here is small list of them corrupters on FB, So people can beware off them and remember most of them corrupters use fake ID which prove how truthful / genuine they are [Allah knows best]






Which they not willing to have honest proper intellectual one to one debate, simply because  they fully aware of their weakness. However any sincere believer can destroys their myth by just using few words or  small portion / phrase of any verse or just one single verse of Al-Quran DESPITE there is so many verses to expose them corrupters badly.



They say it mean “challenge / Debate”  it is not any kind of ritual what Muslim do nowadays, to prove that they to twist all related verse with their manmade roots juggling method  [yet fail to realise their nonsense new translation does not make sense and it create contradiction to Arabic-Quran]




If Al-Hajj mean argument / debate  and the verses [2:197 ] say it’s [time, period ,months ] are well known, then how come no Muslim know this period of so-called argument or debate ?


Also the same verses say NO JIDALA [ argument/ Quarrelling]  in HAJJ. So is this mean “no argument in argument”  doses that make any senses at all ?


Also the same verses indicate to no sexual contact within Al-Hajj so does this mean them Quranist do have sex while debating with other on their normal debate, argument, challenge ? 




They say it does not mean Prayer or any type or ritual, and to cover that notion they give confuse long definition of this term with their manmade roots juggling method and again their nonsense new translation create more and more contradiction to Arabic-Quran



If As-Salah mean whatever they say, save it is any type of prayer [ritual] then what is the purpose any of Mosque, however they twist that term “Mosque” in to system just to save their self from sticky situation, but when they land on verse 22:40 where they see Allah mention all four type of [worship place ] such as “monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques”   then their whole theory full into dust.


So can any Quranist translate them using other verses of AQ to support their translation and it must fit with the context and also make sense?


Just for their information the term “SAWAMI’U” is only used once therefore surly they will have problem unless  they are willing to use their manmade dictionary  despite they claim they don’t use other source. Also here is only one small Arabic word which destroy the notion / myth of Quranist definition of As-Salah.  


Can any Quranist please translate the word “ SHATRA” wherever its accrue and make sure the sentence make sense and why is it only mention with Masajid Al-Haram, therefore what it reason or what is the definition or explanation [by using Al-Quran only]  ?   




They say it does not mean fasting and again they try to concoct it basic translation of fasting into something confusing  which create contradiction. They only do that, just because of their myth and notion of no such thing as ritual, And may be them corrupters are too lazy and do not want like to work hard for anything.




If As-Siyam  mean whatever they say, save it is any type of fasting [ritual] then why does the verses 2:187 talk about KULU = EAT  and  ISHRABU=DRINK ?






I have only mention three [on this article] from so-many of other corruptions, and that because I do not want to waste my time. But I am always ready to have any debate with them on any of their corruptions and that is my open challenge to them which they don’t like to face up to now. However if any new born Quranist who is willing to have a go at it, since all their gurus which mention on this article are too terrified, then here is a fasebook link where they will find me, and lets see if they have guts to prove their myths ?