My belief regarding Prophet/Messenger Isa [P] is that, he is also dead as like other Prophet / Messengers. But their Way/Sunnah  is still practiced[alive] so, in that sense all of them are still alive [see 2:154] Also the verse [19 :33-34] inform, Peace on the day he [prophet Isa] born, The day he die & The day he raise to life again.


Then where is another cycle [if he return back again on earth ] on that verse ?


Did Allah forget to mention regarding the so-called second coming ?


Will it be no peace on his second coming & departure ?


I believe the Quran explain itself , I don’t need another man Interpretation / Explanation to understand the Quran. Allah sometime repeat Ayat, for us to understand it better [check 6:105 / 17:89], and by this repetition on different places within the Quran on different subjects it get even better understanding when we gather & analyse all of them verses regarding on particular subject. And this why the Quran say IT [Quran] give the detail explanation =Tafseel 10:37.


The Quran elucidates it by it self. If something is unclear then some other passage will clarify it [save Muhkamat Ayat] in any condition I must believe on all verses  regardless I understand it or not, I cannot understand anything until Allah allows it by HIS mercy and I must try sincerely to understand  by having full trust on Allah alone.


Such ideology of second coming of prophet Isa was invented by the Bible author and unfortunately the label Muslim copycatted  into so-called hadith, [MARK 16:19 / LUKE 24:51 / ACTS 1: 9 – 11/ REVELATION 22:12 / 2 KINGS 2:11 / GENESIS 5:24 ] also many other faith have similar concept of a coming 'Saviour' and Ascensions in body or spirit even  Hindu scripture indicate such concept when it talk about Krishna, Therefore Hindu too along with other Sects is waiting for someone special to come.


The label Muslim also try to concoct Ayat 4:158 to achieve their goal. And these practice is very standard procedure to all sect , Because they need to twist Allah’s Ayat to create  solid ground for their self-made belief.


They twisted the term [MUTE WA FEEKA] comes from the root word  [WAFFA] which carries the meaning of  'Completing something or some task to such an extent that nothing else is left out'. In the same manner [Wafaat] means 'Death', as in Death the life term of a person is fully completed.




WAFFAT =  "Death", "Decease" [An advanced Learners Arabic-English Dictionary by H.Anthony Salmone pp1222 & Al Mawrid Arabic-English Dictionary pp 1240 ]

'TUWAFA' = "To take the life of anyone" “"To die", "Expire", "Pass away", "Give up the ghost", "Breath ones last". [A Dictionary & Glossary of the Koran by J.Penrice pp 161  & Al Mawrid Arabic-English Dictionary pp 391

But those who twisted this term translation, they don’t do same twisting on other place where the same/similar  term has been used [3:193/ 7:126 /12:101 / 47:27/2:234 /4:15 /16:70 / 22:5 / 32:11 ] why ?


If someone ponder on the reply of Prophet Isa [in J-day] which mention on verse 5:117 then will understand  he [Prophet Isa] is only talking about one life time in earth, he is NOT mentioning anything regarding to his [so-called] second coming why ?


And If he come second time, then surly he will see his so-called follower is saying lots of thing which He did not teach/ told ..then how can he claim what he is claim on that verse 5:117 in the J-day ?


Verse 19:31 inform Prophet ISA [P] was to establish Salat and give charity as long as he lives. Now how is he performing these activities at present in the heaven, Does Allah have poor angel in heaven ?


Unfortunately the Bible teach some disgusting story, regarding crucifixion, [EUTERONOMY 21:23 /  GALATIANS 3:13] due to them allegation that prophet Isa [P] was hanged on the cross died a cursed death, Allah reply by with the Ayat to clarify them Issue [ 4:155-58]


Allah confirmed in the Qur'an that Prophet Isa[P] did not live a cursed life nor died a cursed death but on the contrary he enjoys an exalted and honourable status from Allah. This is what is said in 3:55, that: [Yaa essa inni mutavafeeka wa ra'afiuka illaya] "..O Jesus! Verily I shall cause thee to die, and shall exalt thee [RAFI'UKA ILAYA] unto me.."


The word in above Ayah is [rafi-uka] which means elevate you or exalt you. The word [raf'aa]  literally means 'to raise or elevate', but in the Qur'an it has been used in many verses to convey the meaning of 'Raising one's Ranks or Status in the sight of Allah' ,and not physical RAISING UP [ see 6:165 / 94:4 / 19:56 -57  7:176 / 3:45 /2:253 / 57:4 58 :7 50:16]


Some try to concoct the verse 43:61 where it say “knowledge of the Hour “ to established further prove, to me it is nothing but just twisting of the verse I request everyone try to translate the verse in word to word literal translation and see it for where self where is the “twisting” inputted.




I am quite sure according to the Quranic  reference, Prophet Isa [P] is not coming back Insha-Allah. He has done his job and competed the task which Allah ordered him to do, therefore his job has not been left over to come back and completed, christen has invented this story of him coming back is purely their sectarian belief without it their whole Christianity in stake. However  for  sake of argument, if I take he is coming back then, at least he is not coming back within my lifetime that for sure, therefore I don’t have to worry of such issue , Allah knows best.