As I believe, Allah has created all creatures with mating / sexual necessity, so it can reproduce. Since human has been given extra intellect camper with other species, therefore human are subjected to extra law of Allah on this particular issue and that is for their own benefit. 

Moreover since mating play major part on reproduction of mankind, therefore Allah has increases it seduction on both male & female. But those who have sincere strong believe and love of Allah, they will find easy to exercise all Allah’s commandments. Yet those who has weak belief or have no faith, may abuse the law of Allah which will result health & society problem.

Here is what Allah commanded, in relation to Mating / Sex, which either directly or indirectly. I have listed some related verse please read them cheerfully, which wills clarify my understanding of this topic.

Al-Quran 5:5

The day  the good things have been made lawful to you, and the food of those who have been given the Scripture is lawful for you, and your food is lawful for them; and the independent from the believing women, and the independent from the people of the Scripture before you, if you have given them their dowries, protected, chaste, and not seeking to take lovers. And whoever rejects belief, then his work has fallen, and in the Hereafter he is of the losers.

Al-Quran 4:23

Forbidden for you are your mothers, and your daughters, and your sisters, and your fathers' sisters, and your mothers' sisters, and the daughters of your brother, and the daughters of your sister, and your foster mothers who suckled you, and your sisters from suckling, and the mothers of your wives, and your step-daughters residing in your homes from your wives which you have already consummated the marriage with; if you have not consummated the marriage then there is no sin upon you; and the wives of your sons that are from your seed, and that you join between two sisters except what has already been done. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

Al-Quran 4:25

And whoever of you cannot afford to marry the believing independent women, then from the still dependant believing young women. Allah is more aware of your faith, some of you to each other. You shall marry them with the permission of their parents and give them their wage in kindness; to be protected, not for illicit sex or taking lovers. If they become protected, then any of them who comes with lewdness shall have half the punishment of what is for the independent women of the retribution. This is for those who fear hardship from among you. But if you are patient it is better for you, and Allah  is Forgiver, Merciful.

Al-Quran 2:228

And the divorced women shall wait for three menstruation periods; and it is not lawful for them to conceal what Allah has created in their wombs, if they believe in Allah and the Last Day. And their husbands would then have just cause to return together, if they both wish to reconcile. And for what obligations the women are owed, so similarly must they fulfil their obligations. But the men will have a greater responsibility over them in this. And Allah is Noble, Wise.

Al-Quran 2:222

And they ask you about menstruation Say: "It is harmful, so retire yourselves sexually from the women during the menstruation, and do not approach them until they are cleansed. When they are cleansed, then you may approach them as Allah has commanded you." Allah  loves the repenters and He loves the cleansed.

Al-Quran 2:223

Your women are a cultivation for you. So approach your cultivation as you wish towards goodness. And be aware of Allah and know that you will meet Him, and give good news to the believers.

Al-Quran 2:237

And if you divorce them before having sexual intercourse with them, but you have already agreed to the dowry; then you must give half of what you have agreed, unless they forgive or the guardian over the marriage contract forgives. And if you forgive, it is closer to righteousness. And do not forget the favour between you; Allah is Seer over what you do.

Al-Quran 17:32

And do not approach/near the adultery/fornication , that it truly was/is an enormous/atrocious deed , and a bad/evil/harmful way/path .

Al Quran  24:2

The adulteress and the adulterer, you shall lash each of them one hundred lashes, and do not let any pity take you over Allah's system if you believe in Allah and the Last Day. And let a group of the believers witness their punishment.

Al-Quran 24:3

The adulterer will only marry an adulteress or one who is an idolatress. And the adulteress, she will only be married to an adulterer or an idolater. And this has been forbidden for the believers.

Al-Quran 24:4

As for those who accuse chaste women of fornication, and then fail to provide four witnesses, strike them eighty times, and reject their testimony ever afterwards: they are the lawbreakers,

Al-Quran 24:15

If any [two] of your women commit a lewd act, call four witnesses from among you, then, if they testify to their guilt, keep the women at home until death comes to them or until Allah shows them another way.

Al-Quran 24:16

And the two men  who commit it from amongst you, then you shall punish them. If they repent and amend, then leave them alone. Allah is Redeemer, Merciful.

Al-Quran 25:68

And those who do not call on any other god with Allah, nor do they kill the life that Allah has made forbidden except in justice, nor do they commit adultery; and whosoever does that will receive the punishment.


[ 5:5]  Marriage are permitted between people of Scripture, some dowries need to be given avoid seeking or being a lovers without wedlock. And having a solid belief will  make easy to obey Allah’s Law.

[4:23] Forbidden to marry  MOTHER, DAUGHTER, SISTER, father's SISTER, mother's SISTER, brother's DAUGHTERS, sister's DAUGHTER, step DAUGHTERS foster MOTHER, foster SISTER, mothers-IN-LAW, step-DAUGHTER & Son WIVES , Two SISTERS [together]

[4:25]Believer may marry salve women if they have problem finding a free women but still have to give them some dower and if they commit any shameful act then their punishment will be half compare to believing women.

[2:228] Divorced women need wait for three menstruation period. And they should not hide if they are pregnant, and they may return together if they both wish and the man has more obligation 

[2:222] Must avoid intercourse during menstruation until they are cleansed. 

[2:223] Indicate no restriction on intercourse positing.

[2:237 ] Half of agreed dowry must be given if divorced before any sexual intercourse  otherwise full payment is due . unless they or their guardian agree to forgives. 

[17:32] This directly order not go near adultery/fornication.

[24:2 ] If proved with 4 witness then 100 lashes for each of them 

[24:3] Believer [man/women ] should avoid marrying adulterer / adulteress they should marry each other

[24:4 ] Eighty lashes for  fake or false accusation 

[24:15] If two women [lesbian ] commit a lewd act and agree in front of  four witnesses the they should be lucked up for life

[24:16]  If two men commit lewd act you shall punish them.

[25:68]  indicate those who commit adultery will receive the punishment.


Any sincere believer who has completed the whole  Quran with understanding they will know-  how important is to avoid any of them [Premarital sex, Adultery, Affair, Homosexuality Lesbian, Pornography] shameful acts, otherwise it will damage their own health / society. However until mankind rectified from such action, there always be more and more incident or cases of rape / sexual abuses in their society.


Also it is important to understand that, no one is permitted to create extra law in Islam or exaggerate any commandment of Allah. It is unfortunate that the seatrain  [Shiaism / Sunnism] has added so many extra laws in their manmade religion which purely base on their hadith books without any approval from Al-Quran.

For example Stoning to death as a punishment for adultery. They forget nearly every verse which talks about any punishments; Allah always reassuring at the end of the verse that Allah is most merciful.  Therefore who are they to be the great punisher beyond the law of Allah ?

Moreover since the punishment is only subject to four witnesses, then it is another mercy from Allah – to prevent authority to abuse it by punishing/ humiliating the abuser without any solid proofs. Which also give chance to the abuser to repent and give up such shameful act before too late. And if they don’t stop then soon or later Allah will punish them as mention on 25 :68 . Also remember the punishment should only be carried out by the government [not by any small group leader or any other individual] 


[Between husband & wife] 

Some time I receive email regarding them issues which made me to research in the book of Allah [ Al-Quran ]. Anyway  I also found that some sectarian scholar do class it as prohibited and some say it is filthy and Maqru [Dislike]  should be avoided. Yet  the evidence they used to support their conclusion is not base on Al-Quran rather it is base on their hadith books. Therefore to me that is not sufficient proof to make something prohibited without support from Al-Quran.

Anyway since Al-Quran is silence on them issue then it is wise to use our own intellect. And will  depend on each person because everyone has different taste / interest. And those who love Allah and sincerely believe His system then [ such sexual issue ] is not problem for them they do not take it is the goal of their life rather it is just natural necessity.

Anyway I personally don’t like any of them act, but that does not mean I can made something Haaram or halal which Al-Quran did not mention directly or clearly. But I do believe it is better to avoid especially the Anal sex, since there is chance to harm the person. And remember if it does harm or create any problem on vowel opening or bleeding then I am sure all true loving believing couple will not like to harm each other just because of some temporary fun or enjoyment.


Since there is no direct prohibition in Al-Quran therefore it is Not Forbidden for any believing couples. Don’t forget Allah has overruled control over everything therefore if He want to populate more No one can stopped Him. Also Allah knows exactly how many human will born till the end time, it’s all predetermined in the knowledge of Allah. 

Also No where in the Quran Allah indicate the believer should have more children as possible. It is simply a myth, tradition, culture of some nation / sectarian base on their own manmade books or opinion of their gurus.

The Verse 17:31 cannot be used as evidence against contraception, that is because it is talking about live children or at least them child who has heartbeat while they are in their mother womb. Therefore that verse cannot be used on relation to sperm / egg simply because it does not class as children yet.  

Lastly I do believe it is best to avoid all kind of so-called medical surgeries procedure or pills which mostly create more long-term heath problem. Therefore if any couples like to do any fertility control then they should use basic technique such as [coitus interrupts] withdrawal or pull-out method and that will be the most safe for the health and they  will not go against the verses which indirectly prohibit all  changing to Allah’s creation AQ4:119 -120 & AQ30.30. 



The sectarian scholars do say it is permissible to conduct marriage of underage girl. Therefore husband has right to have sexual intercourse if he wish. They base their assumption because of their homemade hadith / fatwa books and their twist interpretation of the verses AQ65:4

Due to them sectarian scholar’s concocted translation it become a tradition for their followers to observe it. Therefore it becomes a bonus point for Anti Islamic individual to attack Islam on this issue, which is just simply unfortunate, but more they attack Islam more poplar it get.   

Anyway to fulfil their filthy paedophilia agenda, they add the word YET on that particular [65:4] which is not in the Arabic version, therefore simply the verse is talking about those women who have pass their time due to their old age and those who don’t have their regular cycle due to some illness or any other problem and don’t forget nowadays women can have [medical] pill which will stop their menstruation. 

And according to survey some women dose take pill to stop their menstruation in order to continue with their routine activity when they think their period may cause affect. Therefore this verse is NOT talking about underage child [below the age of puberty] it is simply taking about them women. Anyway here is the correct translation of that verse 

Al-Quran 65:4

And such of your women as no longer expect menstruation, as well as those women who do not have menstruation (for any physiological reason), to resolve your doubts, their waiting period is ordained to be three months. And for those who are pregnant, the waiting period ends when they deliver their burden. And anyone who is mindful of Allah, He will make his situation easy for him.

Remember the verse contain the word [ ir'tabtum – you doubt] so common sense is that people don’t  need to doubt a child on that issue they can simply find out by asking the child or her mother to know has the menstruation started or not, it is not rocket science. But the grownup women can be doubted  that they may have stop due their old age or it could be related to temporary physical problem. Therefore on either case the Quranic law remain same.

Also remember that whole verse is in relation to after divorce waiting period before getting remarried to another person. And if there is any possibility of the divorce women is pregnant then it will be easily identified once they waited for that mention time [three  menstruation ] so the original child farther can take responsibility of the child. Therefore it is NOT about underage child marriage  

The sectarian has damage our beloved prophet Muhammad [s] character by either  saying, believing or writing books full of lies  [hadith books]  which mention prophet  Mohammed [s] has married to a girl  [Aisha ] age 7, 9 or 11. Because it’s nothing but conjecture therefore they cannot make their mind up so they give different age account on their hadith books. Anyway it is total disgusting and falsehood, Therefore I believe no doubt Allah will punish them liar in the Day of Judgment.


[By doing Female genital mutilation / male circumcise]

Usually such practice is carried out on innocent children [boy / girl] on their young age who don’t have ability to defend their self  or voice their own concern. It is mostly decide by their  parent whom been brainwashed because of their manmade culture / tradition which base on manmade books  such as Bible / Hadith.

Therefore such practice has no evidence in the Quran rather it goes against Quran. Unfortunately  sectarian Muslim is practicing it most and they believe it is practice of prophet Ibrahim [s] which is total false and has no evidence in Al-Quran. But Christen and Jews manmade books [Bible] do support it, and the so-called Muslim is following it word by word. Yet they forget the verse from Al-Quran which says -

[4:19] I [Satan ] will lead them astray and fill them with false hopes. I will command them and they will cut off cattle’s ears. I will command them and they will change Allah’s creation.’ Anyone who takes Shaytan as his protector in place of Allah has clearly lost everything.

Also all other verses [27:88 / 32:7 / 40:64 / 64:3] which clearly indicate all  Allah’s work are fully perfect.

Lastly it will be really nice if all parent understand and allow their children to make their own decision when they are adult regarding this myth practice. Don’t forget it is their body so let them decide. 


At the end everything is depend on how sincere is the believer and do they truly love  their creator, because only then it is possible to observe all of HIS beautiful and most merciful command but make sure it is HIS command you are following and not just someone else homemade religion or sectarian belief – Allah Knows Best