The fasting is binding duty and should be observe in the month of Ramadan which can be calculated by observing the movements of the Moon, and it is easy because of the technologies.


If anyone has health problem or travelling they, do not need to FAST but have to compensate or cover it up later. Everyone should sincerely assess their own situations keeping in mind Allah proximity to them, and will remember that fasting is better as laid down in the Ayat[verses] of Allah.


Also since Allah mention the fasting is written over mankind, therefore mankind will fast intentionally or unintentionally and we see so many people fast for several reason such as dieting or because their manmade religion.


I also noticed even  an ordinarily Muslim who is not usually good at practising Islam yet they don’t miss the Fasting. Therefore that itself another proof that fasting is written over mankind. Also human bodies observe the fasting  while on sleep and this is why when we awake up in morning we call it breakfast.




[2:183] inform the FASTING is written for mankind on every generation it will ward of the evil.


[2:185]Ramadan is month to FAST. 


[2:184] it is fix [on month Ramadan] but if one ill or travailing they can leave the fasting [and try to made it up late] but if someone cant do it because of [long ill or oldage] then the RANSOM is feeding one miskin [needy people] but if we give more or fast it is better for us.


[2:187] Night of Ramadan is permitted to [eat/drink/ approach to wives] until the FAJR[dawn before sunrise]. Then must complete the FASTING till approach of night [after sunset] and must not approach to wife [sexual intercourse] while devoted in the Mosque.


[2:196] If prevented [once decided/Set off] to do HAJJ then we must [alongside with other condition please see the verse] Three days while in HAJJ and Seven days on return home. 


[4:92] if anyone kill anyone by mistake then must free a slave if possible and pay the compensation to the family [unless they forgive] if unable to do this then must FAST for two consecutive months none stop. And seek forgiveness /repentance to Allah


[5:89] if one deleverly brake an OATH then must feed miskeen [with normal/standard food what they eat] or give CLOTH or free SLAVE if unable to do any of this then Must FAST for three days.


[33:35] Indicate it is great status for the believer who FAST [alongside with others good deed ] and the for them has Allah prepared forgiveness and great reward.


[19:26] Indicate in a situation we can do FASTING from TAKING to anyone.


[58:3/4] if anyone pronounce ZIHAR [Swear/oath as NOT going to have any sexual intercourse with wife ] if they go back [want to cancel/withdraw from it] he must FREE  Slave before touching each other. If cannot find a slave to free , then have to FAST for TWO consecutive months [non-stop] before touching each other. But if unable then should feed sixty indigent ones.




Some Quran Alone think breaking fast at night [not in sunset] is more correct. But what they fail to understand is that, they are creating confusion / contradiction  for their own self by saying they need to break FAST in the night. It is very ridicule theory since the verse is very clear and it say simply the word [ILLA=toward/to] which prove we need to break FAST after sunset. If ALLAH wanted us to break fast at night then HE would mention the word [GASAK 17:78] or [FI-LYL=IN NIGHT]


Some Sunni sect give fatwah that if someone break fast intentionally  after keeping it or if they have sexual intercourse then they have to FAST for 60 days continually. Some also say, bleeding, vomiting, swearing, quarrelling does INVALIDATE the FAST. Anyway to me all these above misconception has NO Justifiable grounds according to the Book of Allah [Quran] it is nothing but conjecture.




The month of Ramadan is another gift from my creator I must respect it and value it as commanded by my Allah the MOST merciful. And the SIYAM/FAST is another act which I need to obey and do as mention in the Quran. I DON’T need to listen another MAN to tell me, what I should or should NOT do, in relation to SIYAM my Allah has explain the Quran fully detail [Alhamdu lillahi rabbi alAAalameen]. Allah Knows Best.