To me I did not find anywhere in the Quran where Allah prohibit MUSIC or SONG by directly. But some sectarian Muslim scholar has made the music HARAM by their own self-made fatwa which base on their so-called Hadith.


They also twist some verses of Al-Quran, which do not talk about music directly, but it talk about amusement. This mainly because, they never got the message that God DID NOT PROHIBIT MUSIC OR SINGING.


They also failed to understand that prohibition laws can ONLY COME from Allah alone, even none of the prophets are not allowed to prohibit anything, which GOD Has already Allowed (see 66:1) However pleases see the verse below- which they claim it prohibit Music.


The Quran 53:59-62

Do you marvel at this statement, and laugh and do not weep, while you amuse yourselves (proudly) in vanities? Rather, prostrate before Allah and worship Him."


The Sectarian Scholar twisted or given the meaning of the Word “ AMUSE as




But the true believer will take it as a general condition for example -Whenever any amusement stop him/her from doing any obligation What GOD instructed . Or if it lead him/her to any HARAM action, .-Then, this/such particular amusement is HARAM for Him/Her.


If someone amuse himself by playing games with their children while forgetting to pray on time you are committing a sin but playing with your children will not be HARAM. However they also use this below verse too.


The Quran 17:64

And excite any of them whom you can with your voice. Assault them with your cavalry and infantry, be a partner with them in their wealth and children, and make them promises. But Satan promises nothing but deceit


Using this verse as a proof of prohibition of music and singing shows only how naive and misguided are those who are running after other gods than the One God who gave them a complete book [the Quran]


The true believer will easily conclude from the context of this verse and verses before and after which confirm dialog between GOD and Satan and it is talking something more serous then just Music or Singing- it is relating to the main issue of IMAN –KUFR


If someone take this as a evidence relating to music: - Then what will they say,- If someone understand this verse like mention below?


This above 17:64 verse given information that Satan can








1:- SATAN mange to create false VOICE /SAYING/BOOKS /TRADITION/ RELIGION falsely referring to GOD Prophets, which exiting them to easy Salvation:-by saying,- Just believe your Prophets/Religious leaders they will help you out (SHAFATINE)


2:- Mankind fall onto the trap of the SATAN easily and motivating their CHILDERN and WEALTH according to false religion of SATAN


3:- Taking SATAN False Promise so SINCERELY and BLINDLY

Another verse they sometime give evidence to make music Haram is:-


The Quran 31:6

"And there are among men those who purchase idle talk in order to mislead others from Allah's path without knowledge, and those who throw ridicule upon it. For such there will be a humiliating punishment."


Again, like the previous verse, using the expression "idle-talk" (lahwal hadiths) to condemn music and singing is clearly corrupt. It only exposes the confused minds and hearts of those who do not understand that God does not run out of words and that God controls all the languages and will not leave guess work for us to prohibit what He did not.


Again like the previous Question- what will they say,  If someone claim as prove by this verse that entire so-called Hadith -Sunnah books are full of fabrications/ Lies and it should be considered as idle-talk as they contradict the Quran and the true message of our beloved prophet Muhammad ?




I believe music is NOT PROHIBITED BY ALLAH. I also Believe listening SONGS is NOT HARAM as long as it’s wording DOES NOT abuse ISLAM or any Attribute of GOD or create any contradiction to QURAN. And as long as it DO NOT make anyone forget any of GOD obligation or it lead to any SIN and don't forget anything too much is bad, therefore if someone just listen music too much out of limit then surly it will be problem for him/her,anyway Allah knows best...